How to Cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase in WWE 2K22

How to Cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase in WWE 2K22

Users can plan significant events in WWE 2K22 Universe Mode, as it’s a great way to simulate your own wrestling brand. WWE has added many gimmicks and PPVs over the years to entice viewers. And when championships are on the line, things get intense. One of the more iconic ones in recent times is the Money in the Bank. Money in the Bank ladder matches allow players to “cash in” the briefcase they win during that ladder match. This gives them an instant shot at a title of their choice.

Normally, you have to deal with the contender system, which though is much less of an issue on TV, the game makes a big deal out of having to actually prove you’re good enough to hold a title belt. By winning matches, you can eventually get your shot at the title. The Money in the Bank Briefcase in WWE 2K22 is just a shortcut. In this guide, you will learn how to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase in WWE 2K22.

How to Cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase in WWE 2K22

First, you need to make sure you do the proper setup. You must first ensure that at least one wrestler on the WWE roster has a Money In the Bank contract to cash in. The Money In the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) is set to take place during the month of May, and features the unique match type. In WWE 2K22, ladder matches are a part of many different match types. Players need to win a special type of ladder match during the pay-per-view to claim the briefcase they’re after.

If you want more details about how ladder matches work, you might want to review the controls.

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All ladder match controls in WWE 2K22

Action PS4 & PS5 Controls Xbox One & Series X|S Controls
Grab Ladder (when next to ladder) L1 LB
Place Ladder L1 or X LB or A
Lean Ladder (when near the corner and prompted) X A
Climb Ladder (when at foot of ladder) R1 RB
Reach for Object (at top of ladder when prompted) L1 LB
Mini-Game (after grabbing object) R2 + R RT + R
Light and Heavy Attacks Square and X X and A
Ladder Finisher (when prompted) R2 + X RT + A
Ladder Bridge (when near apron on outside) R2 + L1 RT + LB

Now, back to the topic at hand. There are a few ways to actually cash in the contract.  You can choose ‘Announce Cash-In’ from the match makeup screen while planning a show on that week’s calender. This is the most common way many players will use, as they want to keep to that pre-scripted feel of modern WWE.

The option can also be picked via that Pause menu. Select the relevant option once you ensure you have the right setup. You will need to setup a singles match with the belt-holder first, then have it so the MITB contract holder has no match that night. Just pause the match during viewing and select the relevant option. You could also leave it open to the CPU to decide if they want to cash it in as well. You can also spontaneously cash in the belt match after that singles match. After a match, press A (for Xbox) or X (for PC) to cash in the briefcase (for PlayStation).

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