How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid

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Project Zomboid has changed a lot over the years. Skills got more complex, loot got more varied and things are just as deadly. And now, cars have even been added. These lumbering hulks of metal can smash their way through small groups of zeds, but they need fuel and parts to run.  The downside, is that they are hard to maintain.

There are many types of cars, but they all have a few things in common. For one thing, they all need fuel. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about different fuel types, it’s all universal in Knox County.

Where to find cars with gas, or gas cans?

The locations you will most often find gas cans in Project Zomboid are the same places you would find cars. The vehicles that spawn all over the map are often broken in some way, so you can’t just drive off with them. You can, however, siphon gas and steal parts from them. You just have to know where to look. Use the tips below to find this stuff.

Before you siphon gas in Project Zomboid, you need to prep a few things. You need to hit up Gas stations and Garages for Gas Cans. This is what you’re going to store the stolen fuel in. Whenever you happen to be in a suburban area, or if your character spawns inside a house, make sure to check for any surrounding houses with either a garage or a tool shed, these can also have gas cans.

  • In the trunk/back of vehicles: Get into any vehicle driver’s seat and you can open the trunk. This will often have various kinds of loot depending on the car. Police cars can have guns, civilian cars often have gas cans.
  • Inside Garages and Sheds: Residential areas are great for finding tool sheds in their backyards. The larger houses often have these, and they’re a great source for tools, gas cans and more.
  • At Gas Stations: The absolute best place to go searching for a gas can. The shelves inside are wonderful sources of tools, gas cans and minor car parts.
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How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid

Also, if the power is still on early in the game, the gas stations can also fill up your car, but that’s dangerous. It’s usually too late in the game for this to be an option for most players, by the time they need gas. You don’t need to break into the car, thankfully, you just need to stand beside it.

When in position, press the V key to bring up the vehicle menu. There are various options here. Provided you have the gas can on you, you can choose to siphon the fuel from the tank. But the one big problem is that it takes a long time. There’s a very high likelihood that you will get swarmed by zombies if you do this in the middle of a crowded street. There’s a way to handle that though, just cause a distraction.

An ambulance is great for this. Use an ambulance with its sirens on to lure hordes away from your target, then circle back around once they’ve left the area you wish to raid. In a multiplayer game, it’s a great idea to coordinate fuel runs with multiple people. Have an ambulance circle around the rural area away from your base and the cars you wish to siphon, while other players just rush in and grab what they need.

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