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PL and HERO continue their slapfighting


November 10 in the system of B-3QPD, PL and HERO scuffled over an I-Hub armor timer in the system.  This marks yet another large-scale engagement in the hostilities between HERO and PL that truly began in earnest with the battle in U-QVWD which PL claimed the system for themselves.

This most recent engagement saw the deployment of a sizable HERO mixed defensive fleet engage first with PL subcaps, which really came down to a stalemate after several hours.  Mostly due to the cohesion of HERO forces and the lack of overwhelming force on the side of PL.

Even though throughout the length of this engagement, HERO lost more in terms of numbers, the stake of the fight at the loss of another system seemed to steel their determination to stop PL from popping the hub.

After holding the line for a considerable length of time, PL brought in T3 supported by triage assets to try and tip the balance.  This was again met with considerable resistance from HERO.  The coordination of logi from HERO acted as a powerful anchor for their forces that kept their weaker pilots in the fight, and allowed them to buy more time to hold PL at bay.

PL then took a serious hit when many of it’s T3s were hit with sensor dampening from HERO.  Who planned their compositions well enough to nullify much of PLs advantage.  This brought an even more crushing standstill to the fight as PL lost it’s triage.

The inevitable response of PL supercaps was slow to materialize, blamed mostly on Phoebe force projection changes combined with extremely effective bubbling by HERO support forces, and as a result by the time PL landed it’s super cleanup crew on field, HERO had already evac’d.

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