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How to Get Bozjan Field Notes in FF14

How to get Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 5.35 is finally out for Final Fantasy XIV, and brings with it a new storyline called the Bozjan Southern Front. The new content centers on an ongoing war effort in the game world, and players have to pitch in any way they can. And is par for the course with an MMO, the new patch has plenty of rewards to hand out for quests. One involves collecting a special item called Bozjan Field Notes. Here’s how to get and use the Field Notes in FFXIV’s Bozjan Southern Front content.

Getting and Using Bozjan Field Notes in FFXIV

The questline is long and tangential in this new patch. The new content has tons of turn-ins for various rewards. We already covered Bitter Memories, now let’s talk about the Field Notes. There are 20 of them that you need to collect for various goals.

You will first be sent into the southern area where a bunch of Garlean warmachina enemies are located. There are some quests around here that you can grab, but to farm Bozjan Field Notes in FFXIV, you need to focus on a few tasks. The Skirmishes and Critical Engagements found around the zone all have a chance at dropping the notes when you slay enemies.

There are a handful of quests that don’t drop them though, just be on the lookout for the NPC named in the field note. The quests and FATEs that do drop them have mostly been found and listed. Here are the 20 field notes and the quest/FATE that they’re attached to:

  • Field Notes on Aggie – None of Them Knew They Were Robots (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Albeleo – 
  • Field Notes on Bajsaljen – 
  • Field Notes on Blaz –  Scavengers of Human Sorrow (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Clarricie – Kill it With Fire (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Dabog –
  • Field Notes on Dyunbu –
  • Field Notes on Gunnhildr – The Lady of Blades (Quest Reward)
  • Field Notes on Hernais – The Monster Mash (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Isolde – Conflicting with the First Law (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Llofii – The Final Furlong (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Lyon –  
  • Field Notes on Marsak – All Pets Are Off (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Menenius – The Lady of Blades (Quest Reward
  • Field Notes on Misija – The Lady of Blades (Quest Reward)
  • Field Notes on Sartauvoir –
  • Field Notes on Sicinius – Heavy Boots of Lead (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Stanik – Can Carnivorous Plants Bloom Even on a Battlefield? (FATE)
  • Field Notes on Velibor –
  • Field Notes on Xeven – The Beasts Must Die (FATE)
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The other Field Notes that don’t have a FATE or quest listed have a random drop chance. So start slaying enemies in the Skirmishes and there could be some popping up in your inventory. You can use them from your inventory to learn a bit more of the lore in the Collections menu.

It’s worth noting that there are a handful of Field Notes that can only be obtained in Castrum Lacus Litore, which requires you to get to Resistance rank 10. That means you’re in for a grind if you want to get them all.

Any extras that you have can be traded in with the Resistance Historian NPC in the southern area to claim a Southern Front Lockbox. Trade that to the Locksmith NPC nearby, and you’ll gain a random reward from inside. You can also earn more Lockboxes from various FATEs around the zone.

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