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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid coming to PC

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Story Mode

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been getting a fair amount of positive support from fans over the last few months. By April of this year versions of the fighting game existed for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, offering a wide range of gamers the chance to take their favorite Power Rangers into the fray.

Players get to take on Lord Zed and various other baddies over the course of the adventure. With a somewhat chronological run through the long-running franchise, fans can expect faces new and old to turn up. The game will allow gamers to take control of series mainstays like Tommy Oliver (the Green Ranger) and Jason (the Red Ranger). A;though the story will definitely focus much more on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers than any other arc.

The story itself is a fairly basic romp, but the real meat of the game lies in its gameplay loop and expansive character roster. With 15 different Rangers, players will be spoiled for choice. And whatever team you choose to build from these selections, prepare for some tough fights ahead.  And with the upcoming PC release, the 3v3 fighter brings even more players into the brawl. The new port will include all previously released DLC characters as a bonus, so that’s cool.

Publisher Check out said trailer down below. You can currently wishlist Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on Steam. No price point has been revealed as of yet, although the price on other platforms is listed at $19.99, so expect something similar for the PC port. The PC version launches on September 24, 2019.

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