How to get or change liveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator

How to get or change liveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just like so many other modern games Microsoft Flight Simulator has skins too. Here’s how to alter liveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you want to change liveries it’s pretty simple. Just head to the Hangar, which is accessed from the Profile within the main menu. Go there to get started.

Head into the hangar menu and you can select all the planes you have unlocked. Choosing a plane will have an option for Liveries, press the F12 key to open this menu and see what cosmetic options you have, if any. From there, you can apply them to your planes.

It’s also possible to change liveries when you’re on the World Map screen when you are altering your plane and flight plan. When you select your aircraft, go into the options an you can change everything from ATC Options to Weight. There will also be an option to change liveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

And don’t forget that you can alter certain settings in your options as well, including the Assists via the Assistance Menu.

How to get liveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The unfortunate news is that, at the time of writing, there aren’t many other Liveries available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. So far there has only been one set made for players, the Aviator’s Club livery set. This was supposed to be a reward for early adopters of the game, but it seems to have been delayed from the in-game store. There has been no confirmation on what other liveries for what planes will be added.

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The only option which has been made available so far is the Aviator’s Club livery set. This pack was meant to be available from August 19 to September 30 as thanks for early adopters, but appears to have been delayed in arriving in the store. This set includes Microsoft Flight Simulator themed liveries for all the standard aircraft.

To get liveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you want to open up the in-game Marketplace. This is yet another main menu option to choose from. From the in-game market you can browse the microtransactions in the game, including liveries. The devs will be adding more over time, as selections are kind of sparse right now.

The number of skins will likely grow over time though. Some fans have wondered if there will be customization options that allow you to apply your own liverires, but so far, that’s not in the game—nor has it been confirmed as a future addition. Microsoft will add new options for various planes or time though.

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