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Keemstar and Dafran are feuding, an $10,000 is on the line


Twitch streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca recently banned YouTuber Daniel “Keemstar” Keem from interacting with this channel. The two were known to each other, but it appears that some drama has sparked between the two. It all started over a few dollars. During a recent stream by Francesca, Keem donated 300 bits (or $3) with the message “nice.”

For some reason, which we will get into later, Keem was almost immediately banned from the channel of his fellow content creator. It would seem there is some bad blood between the two.

“Well, I guess it should be appropriate to ban Keemstar,” Dafran said on his stream. “Let’s ban him. He’s been a piece of s***.” He wasn’t done though, as the content creator logged into Twitter to disconnect the two on that platform as well. “Actually, maybe I need to go unfollow him, too,” said Dafran.

So what does Keemstar do? Keemstar declared a $10,000 bounty on Dafran. That’s pretty serious, but hang on, it’s all over video games. Let’s see what Keemstar had to say in response to the ban. The response was later posted to Twitter, with Keemstar showing plenty of frustration over the whole affair.

The bounty in question is to destroy Dafran’s base on OfflineTV’s Rust server. Although the bounty itself was later called off, after people began to try and make good on the offer, the animosity remains. There’s a lot to unpack here, and it’s probably a good idea to start with Keem himself.

Although this might seem like harmless feeding, consider the source for the $10,000 bounty.  Keemstar is known for being what many would call an infamous troll. He has regularly been the source of drama, going back more than a decade. The YouTuber star got his start making content about the popular Xbox shooter Halo many years ago. And he quickly found popularity in cantankerous trolling videos in the game Halo 3.

It’s worth noting that during these early days, Keem was known for using incredibly crass and often outright offensive language, a habit that has earned him plenty of ire. He has become well-known, and very disliked, for his role as the host of DramaAlert—a YouTube show in which he would often commentate and inflame a variety of YouTube controversies and online happenings.

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In more recent times, he has taken to very inflammatory rhetoric, constantly attacking people across the political spectrum with increasingly toxic attacks. He would often inflame political tensions from the 2016 US election onwards, consistently praising the far-right framing of “fake news” as a propaganda tool against criticism of US President Donald Trump.

In 2016, Keemstar told John “TotalBiscuit” Bain that he can’t “wait to report on your death” at a time when TotalBiscuit was diagnosed with cancer.

Dafran is no stranger to bad habits and scandal either. His combative attitude has led him to be banned from various online games, and many viewers online have a pretty negative view of him. Dafran attempted to develop into a professional gamer, but has since taken to agriculture.

So while this bounty isn’t going anywhere, it might be worth paying attention to see if anything else happens.

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