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Dung Balls In Nioh 2 will be another trade-in item that the player can collect to earn some unique rewards. Ryunojo the Dung Lover is back and has some new goodies to trade for. Here is our guide on where to find Dung Balls in Nioh 2.

You will encounter the man looking to expand his dung collection within the Bird in a Cage mission. This high-level zone will be relegated to a later part of the game, as you need to be level 49 or so to take it on. After you find the second shrine, head down the various levels until you find Ryunojo the Dung Lover. He is the source for your rewards from trading in these items.

This map also has a cave within it that is your best bet for farming these items. The corpses of the Rat Yokai have either Dung Balls or Noble Dung Balls on them.  The drop rate isn’t guaranteed here, but it seems to be the best place in the game to get the Dung Balls you need. Expect to have to pick up 15 or so before you get all of the rewards from Ryunojo.

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Dung Man Rewards
3 Dung Balls and 1 Noble Dung Ball – Thanks Gesture And Lumicite Shard
6 Dung Balls and 1 Noble Dung Ball – Lumicite Crystal
6 Dung Balls and 3 Noble Dung Balls – Horned Turban Helmet

These rewards are pretty cool, and being able to don the helmet this dung collector has on is a pretty cool little easter egg of sorts.

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