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How to get Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV

Over the last decade of Final Fantasy XIV has been a thing, Square Enix has been doing a lot of work to keep the game running. The team behind the MMO has constantly added new quests, items and more for players to fool around with. Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV is one of those many items. The 5.35 patch added them, so let’s talk about that.

Resistance weapons are a big part of the rewards system in this patch. With the new storyline around the Bozjan front and the ongoing war, players are tasked with helping out the war effort, players have to help out with a series of new quests. These quests reward new items and upgrades for your gear. To unlock these though, you need to get a bunch of Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV. You will need six in all to get the upgrades in this step.

You need to start by getting the Resistance Weapons that the upgrades are attached to make use of the Memories. You first need to undertake and complete the Save the Queen questline and speak with Gerolt at Gangos after completing the quest. Gerolt will then send you to talk to Rowena to get the Thavnairian Scalepowder for the next phase. The plan involves using that to forge the weapon for you.

Gerolt will guide you to Rowena and ask you to get the Thavnairian Scalepowder from her. Bring back the Scalepowder to Gerolt and he will forge the Resistance weapon for you. Once you have the Resistance weapon, you need to increase the weapon’s item level to 500.

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Once you have completed these steps, you then need to increase your item level to 500. That unlocks the upgrade’s potential. You will need to grind your way through a bunch of Bozjan Southern Front quests. You will eventually get access to the Will to Resist from Gerolt’s questline. You don’t want to complete it right away though.

While the quest is active, join the Antitower dungeon (synced, unsync will not drop the item)  and farm it until completion. Each completion will reward one of the Bitter Memories. You need to NOT end the quest after each run, as you will need to complete six runs to get enough of The Bitter Memory of the Dying.

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