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The Sims 4 Skin Tone Update revealed

The Sims 4 Skin Tone Update revealed

According to the latest development update, the plan for the newest content for the legendary Sims franchise will land finally. EA has been trying pretty hard to make The Sims 4 much more accessible and representative of the folks who enjoy the game. The company as a whole has made some missteps over the years, any gamer could tell you that. but at the very least they seem to give a small amount of care about their hardcore fans and representing them.

Representation, that’s a term that’s been more and more charged in 2020 than ever before, and that’s kind of sad. The idea of giving gamers access and a feeling of belonging in the scene is a good thing. There are so many positives to gaming that they should be shared with everyone, regardless of who they are. It’s kind of really unfortunate that this is still somehow a controversial statement for some. And it’s really kind of crazy that EA hasn’t managed to make these changes to The Sims 4. A game from 2014 that’s part of the one franchise that should be perfect ground for adding new options for representing people as they really are.

A new facet of this push for EA involves a new element that fans have wanted for a long time. Despite the impressive array of customization options in the various games in the franchise, some areas remain lacking. The area of customizing your skin tone has been limited for Sims, even in the modern Sims 4. in response to increasing demands for better representation, EA promised to add some new options. The company said that they would add ”cool, neutral, and warm tones with a particular emphasis on darker skin tones.”

This was originally slated to land in October 2020, but has now apparently been pushed to December. So the delay is bad news, but there is something positive to report. The good news is that over 100 new skin tones will arrive along with additional slider options for making more alterations to Sim bodies as well. Players will also have some new choices for hairstyles which respectfully portray different cultural influence and the like.

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The team promises to share more information when the actual release is a bit more finished and polished. The team has also been said to be more inclusive of “talented and diverse community members,” to ensure that this goes smoothly. Electronic Arts has had a sketchy time of collaborations before, I really hope they can avoid that this time.

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