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Last Oasis is now selling private servers

Last Oasis

Last Oasis private servers will now be a thing as the developer tries to get the game on track. Last Oasis has been trying to get players into the game just after launching into Early Access. The game has been having some issues since then, but the major stability problems appear fixed. This new move is an attempt to both give players more freedom and entice more players to group together. It will be interesting to see how well it ends up doing.

There will be multiple tiers to the Last Oasis private servers, with prices ranging from $13 a month, all the way to $64. The servers will offer up to 10 players the chance to goof off with each other in a locked-off world all their own. And by “offer,” we mean they “will gladly sell you a monthly subscription to one.” The most expensive server will include support for 64 players, and run $64 per month.

The game devs are partnering with various online server providers to offer this service, making it much easier and cheaper for the company to scale up according to user demand. You can even use these providers to order higher capacity custom servers if you wish.

Just after launch, a bevy of server issues led to a temporary shutdown of the game. Developer Donkey Crew apologized, offering refunds to players. The issues were found to be related to improper handling of players and the load they created on the game’s dedicated servers.

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