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Is Dragon Ball: The Breakers cross platform?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trailer

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is coming, and we’re eagerly awaiting anything on the new game. The success of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and its sequel led to a big resurgence of interest in the property, so fans are eager to get their hands on it again. In a few recent interviews, Dragon Ball: The Breakers producer Ryosuke Hara has some details to share.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers has been slumbering a bit since it was announced this past year. One of the common questions for the multiplayer game is whether Dragon Ball: The Breakers cross platform will be supported. The news has been confirmed, and we have an answer to this question.

Having the option to play Dragon Ball: The Breakers cross platform would really help the game grow and sustain its playerbase. But it would seem that this is not the focus at launch. During a recent interview with Siliconera, producer Ryosuke Hara said a statement that the game will pretty clearly not have cross-play. According to Hara, “There is no plan to support cross-platform and cross-save at the moment.”

There was some good news, though, as the game will have some additional features. The reveal of some form of compatibility with the Xenoverse games does offer a bit of bright light. Players have to wait until launch to see what that means, though.

So despite deploying ports to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, the devs aren’t working on supporting cross-platform play. There may be a reason for this. One of the big reasons is a mix of logistics and technicalities. The technical work to create server compatibility is pretty intense, and the money may not be there. It’s more likely that Bandai Namco will not commit to the cross platform because of the added cost of creating and maintaining the infrastructure.

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