How to Upgrade Players in MLB The Show 22

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MLB The Show 22 is out and offers a bunch of gameplay modes and options to fool around with. The core focus of the new entry is to get your own dynasty, and the game mode is huge. You can not only lead a baseball team to greatness, but you take charge of their training and development. This game has it all.

There are many different skills you will put to use on the field in MLB The Show 22, and they can be kind of complicated. The dance of America’s past-time is a complex one. The game even has a special game mode within it that’s a lot like Franchise mode. You can manage a team over the years, trying to create a full-on dynasty in the MLB. Managing this team can be a huge ask, but it’s doable. That mode is built around getting the best roster you can, including the rather powerful cover athletes. Though, not all of your players start out skilled. You need to put time into upgrading them, here’s what to do about that.

How to upgrade players in MLB The Show 22

Managing the roster means learning the strengths and weaknesses of your players. Each player has a set of attributes that you need to pay attention to. The playstyle and position preferred by a player will be determined by these scores. Getting a good batter in a pinch hitter slot would be a good thing, for example. There are also other things to pay attention to, such as Archetype. There are three of these in MLB The Show 22, and you can upgrade your players to focus on these areas.

When you open up the roster menu, you’re greeted with the various players you have. Click a character to bring up their configuration menu. Press the Loadout Default option to get into the Archetypes menu. Click the Archetypes option to then see what options you have for upgrading the player. You can press the Square button on your PlayStation controller to check the Item Program menu. Xbox players can do that by pressing the X button on their controller and Nintendo players can press the Y Button to get into the menu.

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You can tweak your archetype as well, if you decide to shift a player to a new playstyle. You can put players into Two-Position style to alternate between pitching or Position play. You can also choose to lock them into a Pitcher or Position style.

But when you want to get better, you need to keep playing. Item Programs are the key to get into higher tiers of different skillsets. As you get through challenges and games with your players, you will earn Points toward each Archetype. Spending 100 Points on the given Archetype will upgrade it to the next tier. You can get all the way to Diamond, and it’s a huge change in your stats. The best ways to earn points come from playing through games in the various modes, especially Road to the Show. You can also get them from Challenges that ask you to complete certain goals.

You can upgrade players by completing Road to the Show Challenges in this game. That’s the optimal way to do it, so keep your attention on that. Make sure to keep on top of future upgrades, as other teams will be doing the same.

That is all you need to know about how to upgrade your players or Ballplayers in MLB The Show 22.

This game has plenty of other things to learn. Once you’ve finished changing things up, you might want to improve your pitching control by mastering the slide step. If you’re more creative you might want to learn how to customize your team by changing their name. And not only that, but you can change their colors as well.

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