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EVE Online February 2020 patch notes recap

EVE Online February 2020 Patch

The EVE Online February 2020 patch notes have dropped this week, and are already causing chaos in New Eden. CCP is making these monthly patch cycles mean more and more for the meta-game of EVE. Previous changes have nerfed mining in NullSec. Other policy shifts have allowed CCP employees much more freedom while playing the game. So let’s dive in and see what CCP has in store for EVE Online in February 2020.

The patch is being billed as a major overhaul to various systems, and a big part of that will focus on wormholes. Wormhole exploration will also now be a lot easier as more connections between wandering wormholes will spawn. C4, C5 and C6 wormhole systems have more connections now. NullSec systems will also see more connections with C5 and C6 wormholes.

Mining changes also have some players up in arms. High, Low and Null anomalies have had various ore spawns reduced. Quantities of many ore types have been reduced, while ore Anomalies spawned from Sovereignty upgrades have also been adjusted. Overall, this looks like another nerf handed to mining, this time not just NullSec. You can find the full details below.

  • High Sec Asteroids:
    • Pyroxeres, Omber & Kernite quantities reduced.
  • Low Sec Asteroids:
    • Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, Jaspet, Hemorphite & Hedbergite quantities reduced.
  • Null Sec Asteroids:
    • Scordite, Omber, Kernite, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Dark Ochre, Crokite & Arkonor quantities reduced.
    • Bistot quantity increased.
  • Ore Anomalies spawned from Sovereignty Industry Index upgrades:
    • Level 1, 2 & 3 respawn times adjusted.
    • All variations of Crokite in all levels replaced with the equivalent yield variation of Kernite.
    • Gneiss, Dark Ochre & Spodumain quantities reduced.
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The Hypernet Relay gambling system also got some attention in this patch. The UI will now be easier to control with expanded filter functionality.  The history view has vastly improved filtering as well. The price per Hypernet Node will now display a warning if the price is very high compared to the market value of the reward. You can also get a better look at the competition in an offer, as players will see a list of the capsuleers who own the highest number of HyperNodes in an offer. Offers with blueprints will now say in the title whether they are an original blueprint or a copy.

And speaking of UI elements, there are some great changes coming to EVE Online. For example, number entry fields will now automatically include thousand separators. The UI elements for various gameplay mechanics are more mobile, and some, like the Redemption system, have been reworked.

Module migrations and tiericide are back again. Remote Capacitor Transmitter Modules have gotten a huge amount of changes. Refer to the full patch notes for all the changed modules and new stats.

The new Savior implant set has been introduced. This implant set improves the cycle time of subcapital remote shield and armor repair modules, and blueprints for these implants will initially become available through the upcoming Guardian’s Gala VIP events.

And to wrap things up, there are a whole horde of bug fixes and UI tweaks.

Find the full patch notes on the official site.

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