Masterwork Professions Detailed in New Dev Blog


The Neverwinter developer blog has been updated with a new post that discusses upcoming changes to the game’s crafting and related professions.

The blog begins by pointing out that crafting has been somewhat underwhelming for players, particularly at the highest levels as it is difficult to compete with artifacts. Additionally, new players to the crafting game have to compete with those more experienced individuals who can produce lower-level gear faster and in greater numbers. Lastly, crafters at max level have little to distinguish themselves from one another. Overall, it’s pretty frustrating as a game mechanic.

To that end, Cryptic is adding a new “Masterwork Profession” tier that will definitely find ways to make each crafter relevant and distinct from peers.

So where do masterwork recipes fit in? Masterwork recipes allows high level crafters to distinguish themselves from one another by adding new goals for them to invest in and new items for them to create in much the same way that adding new dungeons, equipment and loot introduces new ways for high level adventurers to distinguish themselves. Essentially masterwork recipes are an endgame for the dedicated crafter.

In order to unlock masterwork recipes a player must be a member of a guild with a stronghold guildhall of at least rank 12. At that point players with at least one profession at rank 25 will receive a quest from The Master of Coin to speak with a new contact, “The Artisan.” In order to unlock new recipes for a given profession players will have to undertake a series of quests for that profession that puts their crafting abilities to the test.

The blog gos into more specific details about the things mentioned above, so head to the Neverwinter site to find out more.

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