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Far Cry New Dawn Story Trailer teases villains and gameplay

Far Cry New Dawn Announced

Since Ubisoft announced Far Cry New Dawn last December, gamers have been curious and speculative about just what the heck this game is about. Now, a new story trailer has revealed a bit more detail about the upcoming open-world title.

So it turns out that this new game is a pretty big departure compared to previous games. It’s still based in Hope County from Far Cry 5, but things look a teensy bit different. The area has been turned into a blasted waste after a massive nuclear explosion laid waste to the entire place, possibly significant portions of the US as a result of the events of the previous game.

As this is a new game, on that’s still connected to the wider world of other entries in the franchise, new and old faces will be a part of the story, Joseph Seed is back once again, heading the New Eden cult in even more desperate circumstances. The player will have to choose their allegiances carefully if they want to survive. Problem is, Ubisoft won’t make that prospect so easy.

You see, there’s this pair of power hungry twin lunatics that lead of a destructive band of marauders who serves as the principal antagonists for this new game. At least that how things appear judging from the trailer. Mickey and Lou are looking to wipe out anyone who can challenge their stranglehold on power, and you and the New Eden fanatics may be the only thing capable of stopping them.

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In terms of gameplay, Far Cry New Dawn looks pretty similar to Far Cry 5. There’s bases to take, animal companions and friends to earn, and plenty of chaos to sew across the landscape.

Far Cry New Dawn will be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 15. Check out the newest trailer for the game down below.

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