All Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Cache locations in Maneater

Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Cache Locations

We already covered all of the Dead Horse Lake Landmark locations in Maneater, now it’s time to cover all of the Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Cache locations too. If you’re still just a little baby shark, this area isn’t really for you. The layout is dotted with water traps amid a large golf course, so it’s not a very easy place to get used to for baby sharks.

Being able to find your way around Dead Horse Lake requires ample use of your jumping ability. You will also find various sewer grates and other areas scattered across the land mass that make it easier to move around.

In Dead Horse Lake, there are 17 nutrient caches to grab. And because many of them are also on land, you may have to come back and pick them up later. Being stuck on land as a shark is a one-way ticket to the grave. So you better come prepared when hunting in this zone. Once you’re ready though, it’s time to get some nice resources.

Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Cache Locations

The real reason to go looking for the Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Caches is that they’re great for leveling up. The resources dropped by these caches are great for evolving too.

To find the exact locations, you just need to pay attention. Keep your head on a swivel and stay mobile. Hunting secrets in this game is all about keeping your eyes open. You want to get into the habit of spamming radar pings wherever you go. As you’re exploring and keep pinging your radar will show nearby loot. You will just need to be in the area of the Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Cache for the radar to ping it. The nutrient cache locations won’t go away, so you can come back for any that you miss. Once you find one, just bite it open to get at the goodies inside.

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Nutrient caches also drop a wide array of resources. Finding them all will ensure that you become the apex predator you were meant to be. Don’t go out of your way though. Blocking game progress to chase resources is a bad idea. If you’re chasing prey, focus on that first. Come back later if you’re busy.

And like we said in our beginner’s guide to the game, keep pinging that radar. You will only need to be nearby to a cache or landmark for the radar to light it up on your minimap. Having this in mind while exploring will make pinpointing loot locations and landmarks much faster.

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