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Icarus is a new survival game that occupies a similar genre space to the likes of ARK: Survival Evolved. You get plopped onto a remote location and have to survive. You need to build shelter, find food and more. But when you get to more advanced tools and shelter, you need more than just sticks and plant fibers. And that applies to more than just tools

Those tools can take a lot of work to make. And sometimes, you’re going to have to sleep to survive. You need your energy to keep working, so you need to be able to nap. Bedrolls and Beds in Icarus are pretty important for that.

Once you have used the instructions below to make the beds, you can place them inside a shelter. It’s usually best to place them by a campfire or other light source. Once you do that,  you can hold E to turn that Bedroll or Wooden Bed into a new spawn point in Icarus. Also, if you want to move it, press Y to remove the bed to move it elsewhere.

You do have to place beds inside an enclosed shelter for it to count as a spawn point, you can’t just plop them anywhere.

How to make Bedrolls and Beds in Icarus

Bedrolls and Wooden Beds in Icarus need to be unlocked from the tech tree like other items.

  • Bedrolls
    • Tier 1 – Can be unlocked at the start after learning how to make a Campfire. You can then spend a point to learn this blueprint.
    • Materials – 20x fiber, 10x stick, 20x fur, and 10x leather.
  • Wooden Beds
    • Tier 2 – Requires you to reach level 10 to unlock the Crafting Bench. Then, reach level 15 to unlock the Carpentry Bench. You can then spend a point to learn this blueprint.
    • Materials – 20x refined wood, 30x fur, 10x leather, and 10x copper nail.
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Refined Wood comes from the Carpentry Bench and uses 1 Wood to make it. it’s a simple conversion, it just takes a bit of work to get the Carpentry Bench. It’s really the fur that’s the worry.

How to get fur in Icarus

You can harvest fur in Icarus from dead animals with any of the Knives in the game. You simply need to use a ranged weapon to take down a deer, wolf, rabbit or other furry creature. Fur is useful for beds, warm clothing and more in the game. The most basic knife can be unlocked at Tier 1, and uses the following materials.

  • 2 Fiber
  • 2 Stick
  • 4 Stone

Hold F to begin skinning the animal. Not all animals drop fur. It appears that some pelts offer more fur than others. For example, wolves seem to be far more likely compared to deer to give fur in Icarus. You can also process leather and meat from this skinning process.

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