What is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact

What comes with Genshin Impact's Blessing of the Welkin Moon

So if you’re playing a lot of Genshin Impact, there’s some very good news for you. There’s a new subscription system with the game to get Primogems for a monthly fee. The sub is called the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, and includes a bundle of free Primogems, and a monthly stipend for each month you’re subscribed.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon is $4.99 (€5.49) per month. Immediately after buying it, players will receive 300 Genesis Crystals. The 300 Crystals can then be converted to 300 Primogems. The blessing was introduced in 1.1, and adds a new way for players to get more rewards, if they’re willing to put up the cash.

Each day you log in, you get more Primogems as well. You will get 90 Primogems every day. This totals up to 300 Genesis Crystals and 2,700 Primogems over a 30-day period.

You can use Promogems to refill your Original Resin, which is really useful for high-end bosses and crafting. You could also save them up for rolls as well, although it’s kind of poor use of money if you’re buying a ton of blessings over just buying the rolls outright for the banner.

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