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Will Core Keeper be on Nintendo Switch?

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Indie games find a ton of success on PC, but it seems that Nintendo is angling in on that territory. The company has been pushing a lot of smaller games onto the Switch to try and secure the console as the go-to platform for smaller developers making quirky games. Core Keeper definitely fits into that category. The visually impressive mining game has a lot of charm, and it already has found a ton of success on Steam, blowing past 250,000 sales in its first week.

So there would be tons of hype for those gamers not blessed with a  gaming PC. Particularly, there should be plenty of interest for Core Keeper on Nintendo Switch. It does kind of make sense, as people love these kinds of simple and fun games on any platform. And seeing the game on a mobile or portable platform would really help its growth. So here’s what we can find out about a console port of the game so far.

Will Core Keeper be on Nintendo Switch?

Core Keeper on Nintendo Switch has not been confirmed as of yet. According to the game’s developers, who responded to a similar query on the Steam forums, Core Keeper is currently only going to be on PC, and that means only on Steam. There are no plans for a console release right now, or anytime soon. It will likely takes some time to come to consoles at all, it’s not even done yet; the game literally just launched on early access. That means it could be months or years before we see the final game even on Steam.

Early Access on Steam isn’t a set process, some games take years to finish, especially those with small teams. And there’s no guarantee Core Keeper won’t take that long to finish. That’s not to knock the game, just a statement of possibility. The game is incredible, and it would be great to see it on Switch. It will just take some time before we hear about any ports. Right now, the developer likely wants to put their full attention onto finishing the core game.

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