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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Mode gets new trailers

Rainbow Six Siege is headed for an Outbreak.

The upcoming Outbreak event in Rainbow Six Siege will feature a team of Operators going up against 5 different new enemy types: grunts, breachers, rooters, smashers, and apex enemies. Each enemy class has a unique set of skills and movement abilities which translates to players needing to use different tactics to destroy certain enemies.

The co-op mode will include three new maps and two new exclusive Operators. Junkyard, Hospital and Resort are the three maps you’ll be fighting on, and each one will require different play styles due to geographical changes. Think Left 4 Dead, but with Rainbow Six Siege‘s unique mix of gunplay and strategy thrown in.

Each map will be broken down into specific sections that the players will have to clear of the main enemy types in a wave-based battle from dominance. Each map section will act as a rotation between different game modes. Players may have to first rescue a hostage, but instead of a straight extraction, they’ll have to hunker down and defend the hostage from attacks in a base defense phase.

The player count is being increased per game, but the roster of available Operators is being reduced in order to make Outbreak more competitive. This event also marks the first time both attacking and defending players can work together.

To hype up the limited-time event, which only runs for four weeks, Ubisoft have released a pair of trailers for interested Rainbow Six Siege players to check out. The trailers offer a basic introduction to the event and the enemies and other challenges players will face. Take a peek:

The Outbreak event is set to go live on the game’s Technical Test Servers tomorrow, February 20, 2018, and will then be available on all platforms from March 6 until April 3.

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