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Elite: Dangerous Newsletter Details “Engineers Update”


Frontier’s latest newsletter-based communication contains a few more details about additions the ‘Engineers’ update will bring to Elite: Dangerous.

The latest word on the release schedule for Engineers is that it’s unlikely to appear before June, but Frontier are aiming to have a beta ready for the end of May.

When it does show up, players will be able to track Community Goals on the main galaxy map. They’ll “appear on there whether you’re signed up for that particular goal or not,” so figuring out where the nearest Community activity is taking place will always be fairly straightforward. In addition, these Goals will be available at all Starport mission boards, so signing up will be possible at nearly any opportunity. These new goals will span across multiple systems and will attempt to add new immersive activities for players to do while exploring the cosmos and planets of the galaxy.

The newsletter continued it’s focus on community development but spotlighting efforts and achievements of the players. Including various podcasts and video news segments like Galnet News. Probably one of the craziest endurance challenges in the game, the 2nd Annual Voyager Challenge kicks off on March 24, 2016. Head over to the original forum post to find out how you can get involved.

Can you make 60,000 light years in under 40 hours? According to event organisers, last year’s record was an incredible 38 hours, 44 minutes!

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