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Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming out next year

Surgeon Simulator 2

Exceedingly weird and popular indie developer Bossa Studios made a name for themselves with games like Surgeon Simulator. The game released originally as the result of a 48-hour game jam back in 2013. Two months after that rough version was created, the full commercial release exploded onto the video game scene.

Surgeon Simulator was built around the core idea of having an incredibly incompetent surgeon complete various surgeries. The awkward controls, extreme gore and insane setup propelled the game into legendary status almost right away. The title could even be argued to have helped kick off the trend of “YouTuber-Bait” games in the modern era. The game was further expanded with some wacky DLC, including a special hidden mission built around completing a surgery on aliens, as well as in space.

Now, the franchise has been born with a newly announced sequel. Developer Bossa Studios has announced that Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming out next year, in 2020, and has released a trailer for the game. The gameplay looks to be getting a hefty visual upgrade with the sequel. Although it’s hard to tell what’s going on with this vague announcement trailer.

If you want to see a tease of this new game, check it out in the trailer below.

No firm release date has been revealed for Surgeon Simulator 2, but the features are about to get a pretty big upgrade compared to the first game. According to the developers the new game will “inject a delirious dose of adrenaline straight into the heart of the original, cranking everything up to a whole new level.”

Bossa stated that more information will “arrive soon.” Expect a full release date and more information within the next few months.

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