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Path of Exile Harvest 3.11 Patch Notes, All Reworked Skills

Path Of Exile: Harvest

The patch notes for Path of Exile 3.11 have just dropped. Grinding Gear Games has revealed a ton of different changes to the game coming in this patch. Path of Exile 3.11 Skills across the board have been given a ton of changes. Items are also getting major attention, in particular Two-Handed weapons and various Uniques. It’s best to check the full patch notes for that.

There are of course the various reworks for various skills coming. If you want to find out which Path of Exile 3.11 Skills got buffed and nerfed, here’s the guide for you. We’ve included all the notable skill changes in the review below. If you want to see things besides skills that have changed, search through the patch notes for a particular item or Ascendancy.

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Be sure to check out the full patch notes.

Firstly though, let’s go into some core gameplay changes you should be aware of.

  • Brands have been given a huge reshuffle. Many new skills have been reworked or renamed. Brands have had their detached durations reduced, and these durations are no longer refreshed by Brand Recall. New Brand playstyles are now supported through new passive skill tree clusters, keystones and support gems, as well as a suite of new Brand skills.
  • Sources of increased Physical Damage from many Two-Handed weapons have been nerfed. Various Unique items have been massively reworked. GGG reviewed all Two-Handed weapon basetypes and have adjusted their attack damage, speed and implicits.
  • Warcries have been given an even bigger overhaul. Seismic Cry, Ancestral Cry, General’s Crym and Intimidating Cry are all examples of different Warcries affected by this change. Warcries all now cause a certain number of attacks to become Exerted after the Warcry is used. Exerted effects vary by each skill, often adding buffs to their related mechanics.
  • Dual Wielding no longer grants 20% more physical attack damage. It still grants 10% more attack speed and 15% chance to block attack hits.
  • Hexproof now acts like an Immunity effect when gained (such as via Headhunter), and will remove any curses already present on you when gained.
  • Multiple sources of Added Damage have been removed, nerfing various sources of both Physical and Elemental Damage.
  • Hierophant, Berserker, Chieftain and Necromancer have all been given a few specific tweaks too.

Main Attack Skill Reworks

First up is the batch of changes to main attack skills. GGG has worked in a pretty big amount of reworks in Path of Exile 3.11. Brands and Warcries got a bunch of attention, various random skills also got shuffled. Here’s the breakdown for all the buffed and nerfed skills in Harvest.


  • Arctic Breath – Renamed to Creeping Frost, Increased DPS.
  • Ball Lightning – Increased DPS, reduced Mana cost.
  • Bear Trap – Much higher damage application.
  • Bodyswap – Has been given a minor AI rework to make targeting easier.
  • Firestorm – Increased DPS, slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Freezing Pulse – Slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Frostbolt – Slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Ground Slam – No longer has added Physical Damage. Slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Ice Crash – No longer has Added Cold Damage. Slightly higher damage effectiveness. Later stages deal less damage overall.
  • Ice Trap – Slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Lightning Trap – Slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Magma Orb – Slightly higher damage effectiveness. Increased DPS. Gains more Chains. Now gains base radius as the gem levels.
  • Molten Strike – Slightly higher damage effectiveness.
  • Sunder – Now scaled Radius per level and creates multiple areas of effect. Each wave has more damage per wave compared to before.
  • Tectonic Slam – Now spawns fissures that gain more AoE. Increased DPS through better damage application.
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  • Cyclone – No longer grants stun immunity while Channeling.
  • Earthquake – No longer gains added Physical Damage, adds more Physical Damage from hits. Base Radius reduced.
  • Fireball – Much higher damage effectiveness. No longer gains additional explosion radius per level. Now gains additional explosion radius based on the distance the projectile has travelled as the gem levels up, up to +9 at gem level 20. 1% increased Projectile Speed on gem quality, rather than chance to ignite.
  • Herald of Purity – No longer has added Physical Damage. Gains x% more Physical Damage per level.
  • Herald of Thunder – No longer has a 0.4 second cooldown on the storm repeatedly striking the same enemy. Now favours striking enemies that have been struck fewer times. Reduced DPS. Reduced damage Effectiveness.
  • Orb of Storms – Slightly reduced Damage Effectiveness.
  • Static Strike – Lowered base duration. Converts slightly less Physical Damage. No longer creates a stacking buff, and no longer gains 10% increased Beam frequency per Buff Stack.
  • Vaal Molten Shell – Massively reduced damage mitigation. Now removes and is removed by any other Guard skill.

General Big Changes:

  • Abyssal Cry – Renamed to Infernal Cry. Uses the Power/Rage mechanics to convert Physical damage to Fire damage. Causes enemies to explode and deal increased Fire damage to other mobs.
  • Enduring Cry – Now taunts all enemies and scales a new Power/Rage system to add defensive layers. Reduces incoming physical and elemental damage per Endurance Charge. Also grants life regen.
  • Perforate – Slightly reduced Damage Effectiveness. Creates more Spikes. Has added Physical Damage. Deals less damage in Blood Stance.
  • Rallying Cry – Now taunts all enemies and scales a new offensive mechanic via Rage/Power. Gains more area of effect and damage scaling.
  • Storm Brand – Activates faster. Higher base crit chance and damage effectiveness. Shorter duration as well.

Path of Exile 3.11 releases for the PC on June 19.

Source: POE Site

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