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GSF high-sec arm loses 250 Billion ISK


Goonswarm’s high-sec ganking arm, the Ministry of Love, suffered the kind of setback many miners and anti-gankers have long been only able to dream of.  Globby, a member of GoonWaffe [GEWNS] with access to the ship hangars of the Ministry, gathered a list of assets and then subsequently stole them all.  With a total value of nearly 250 Billion ISK he’s quite a wealthy pilot now. Globby quickly left GoonWaffe to join Origin. [0RIGN], the central corporation of Black Legion. .

The theft included unfitted modules, ammunition, and other supplies, as well as a large number of fully-fitted ships. A partial estimate garnered through an API check during the theft listed 482 attack battlecruisers, 679 combat battlecruisers, and 616 destroyers among the take.
Globby gained prominence in Miniluv’s ranks as a competent and highly active FC, supported in part by the FC PLEX program. Globby is also the Minister most responsible for popularizing the ganking tactic known as ‘hyperdunking’, which consists of boarding a succession of ships ejected from an Orca or Bowhead while the pilot is still under GCC. While inefficient in terms of DPS/ship, it can be an effective way for a smaller number of pilots to assault an AFK target such as an auto-piloting freighter on approach to a gate.

Globby cited anti-ganking groups as a significant contributor to the burn-out that led to this theft. The high-sec response to groups like CODE and Miniluv, anti-gankers have become somewhat more organized as their activities continue. Now they use intel channels and form up dedicated fleets to interdict the activities of gankers with ECM ships and logistics ships to repair freighters and other high-endurance ships, like Orcas. While these activities do not present a considerable deterrent to normal ganking operations, for specialized niche gankers like hyperdunkers, they can be extremely disruptive.  But as anyone who has kept on an eye on the situation knows, almost all coordinated anti-ganking efforts have failed at some point.  So perhaps Glibby was a testament to the effectiveness of these efforts.

The assets stolen were self-contained within Miniluv, being a result of the group’s own efforts, and as a result had no effect on the bottom line of the GSF or the CFC directly.  Glibby himself admitted that this will likely have little effect on the future activities of Miniluv or the GSF at large. No official response from Miniluv head Warr Akini, nor from GSF CEO TheMittani has been released.  Other than to confirm the heist took place.

This does highlight an interesting issue within EVE.  That even at the highest levels, burnout happens.  The game is always losing pilots to the inevitable boredom that sets in, and far too often this leads to them trying to make a name for themselves by committing one final act to leave a mark on the game.  Too often for the victims, this takes the place of a substantial theft.   Then again, this is EVE so no amount of scamming will really be looked down upon by the wider community.

This of course didn’t stop the inexorable Goon hate train from exploding on Reddit and other EVE communities.  Mostly elated pilots celebrated that the Goons seemed to get a taste of their own medicine.  This being a response to the common hazing and scamming Goons engage in within the game.  Which it must be said, is not at all unique to Goons, or any other “bad guys” within EVE.

No doubt certain individuals will use this as an opportunity to spin anti-Goon tales.  I for one await the inevitable hilarity that will result from backlash when the likes of Gevlon Goblin comment on the story.

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