How to start rumors about friends in BitLife

Complete the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife

The new Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife has a lot of requirements in it. The mobile life sim has a ton of complexity already, but this latest one may take the crown for the strangest challenge yet. Sure, you got to be Batman and all that, but channeling Lindsay Lohan is a strange choice. The new challenge has a few requirements. You’re going to be making and losing a lot of friends for this challenge, here are some tips to handle that.

How to start rumors about friends in BitLife

Friends come and go, and in BitLife, they’re even more shallow and fickle. It’s much easier to break friendships, and even make new ones, in this game. The new weekly challenge this week requires you to make then break 10 of them in relatively short order. And since you’re here, I’m assuming you want to know how to do this quickly, here’s how.

If you’re attempting to complete the Mean Girls challenge, you’re going to need to start by making 10 friends. Assuming you have already done the step to get into the Mean Girls clique, it’s time to move onto the rumors about friends and other tasks. You need to do this all with 10 friends, which is still a lot of work.

When you’re working on getting into the clique, make sure you’re talking to as many people as possible. Keep checking that Relationships tab and seeing how many friends you have. Each relationship there has a meter on it, once you get it to a certain threshold, the prompt for befriending them will trigger. Confirm it to make them a friend. Once you have 10 or more, move on to getting rumors going.

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Every time you confirm a friend, there’s a chance that a random event will fire to start a rumor. You can also start a rumor by getting into the Friends section of the Relationships tab, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Rumor option. This will impact your relationship with them, and can make the later stages of the Mean Girls challenge harder, so keep that in mind.

The fastest way to complete the task concerning rumors about friends is to have more than 10 friends. That way you can burn through a few relationships by manually starting rumors, and then immediately move on to making the other 10 into enemies. Having more friends also means that you have a higher chance of having the rumor event fire.

Just keep talking to people and trying to start rumors. When you finally hit the tenth one, you can move on to the other steps in the challenge.

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