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Rockstar posts update on Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port

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The PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 launched this month after a long and laborious wait. Sadly though, it appears lingering development issues left the game in a sorry state on launch. Gamers have reported a huge number of crashes and bugs within the PC port. And even though Rockstar rushed to fix any problems they could, thousands of gamers were left disappointed. In a statement on Twitter, the team promised to do better.

“Over the past week, we have been working as quickly as possible to address issues that have impacted the launch of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2,” says the update. The developer says that they will continue to work on the game, resolving issues as they arise, but “we have already identified and resolved a number of these issues by deploying fixes to the Rockstar Games Launcher and some to the game itself.”

This comes after days of uncertainty and complaints from the fans who bought the PC port and were left notably dissatisfied with the quality of the product. Bugs encountered by PC gamers in Red Dead Redemption 2 ranged from the mild to the infuriating. Crashes to desktop and inability to launch the game on a variety of hardware configurations were rather common. Players also noted a lack of overall stability and buggy gameplay in various areas if they managed to boot the game at all. The company has issued some fixes, but problems remain.

What does the future hold for Red Dead Redemption 2?

Rockstar has contended that the majority of issues were to blame on implementations of certain GPU drivers and hardware. In essence, it could actually be any number of problems for the individual player, but through developer testing they identified the most issues with Nvidia hardware and drivers. Another update will go out today to address a stuttering issue with the game. At the moment, however, the team is still working on fixing other bugs. Updates are sure to come soon, so keep an eye out.

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The company is still encouraging users to report bugs they find, as well as applying any patches issued, to help deal with the problems seen. They want to assure users that things will eventually get sorted out, and that the problems are temporary. This is exactly what we all expected, as sucha a huge launch should be rock solid and enjoyable. Which is what gamers expected in the first place, but here we are now.

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