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Battlefield V Into the Jungle update adds new map, guns and more

Battlefield V Into the Jungle

The new Chapter in the game, known as Into the Jungle, will bring plenty of new content to the FPS.  The latest content to release for Battlefield V in update 6.0 will bring a new map, new guns and more. The game already has a ton of different content across its different game modes, so these new additions are basically piled on top of the mountain. New weapons include the Type 11 Machine Gun, which offers great suppression capability for the Support class. The legendary M2 Carbine is also coming too. Tech and gadgets for various classes will be upgraded as well. The M1A1 Bazooka will go live with Battlefield V Into the Jungle. This explosive nightmare is quite powerful and terrifying, especially as an anti-vehicle weapon.

For the update itself, the game is also getting a handful of bug fixes and some other gameplay adjustments. Outpost, Firestorm and Mercury modes and maps have ongoing issues that will be fixed in 6.0. Some broken combat roles have also been tweaked. Particularly the Vehicle Buster role needed some work.

Players can also rank up through normal play to unlock some new Elites to unlock as well. The three new cosmetic options, each for the two sides, offer some unique visual styles. There’s a a Japanese paratrooper and an American gunman, and one special addon for Elites. Japanese Commando Misaki is the final new cosmetic of the three.

Wrapping things up, DICE and EA have also revealed a new map coming to Battlefield V Into the Jungle. The new map, called Solomon Islands, includes a vicious conflict between American and Japanese forces. The chokingly close quarters full of vast jungle of trees and swampland, is quite the dangerous land. This new map will take the players into the Pacific theater in a whole new way. Narrator Adam Freeman (DICE Community manager) says it plays best with, Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. This addon joins the newly released Bombastic Fantastic” playlist as well.

Check out all update details for Battlefield V Into the Jungle in the trailer below.

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