All Dead Horse Lake Landmark locations in Maneater

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Dead Horse Lake Landmark locations in Maneater are these giant totems scattered all over the game world. If you’re the kind of person who wants to totally complete the game, you need to find Landmarks and caches in all the areas. There’s a bunch in each area, so here are the locations of Landmarks in Dead Horse Lake.

There are eight landmarks in total in the Dead Horse Lake area of the game. Just like any other hidden secret, some will be harder to reach than others. To make it easier on you, check out the image below for all of the locations. Some of these won’t be fun or easy to get to. The Dead Horse Lake area is basically a giant golf course, so expect tons of small water traps to have to navigate if you want to 100% the zone.

Dead Horse Lake Landmark Locations In Maneater

Just like with the nutrient caches and other hidden secrets in Maneater, you won’t be able to get to all of them right away. You will have to engage in some story content and side missions to unlock all of the areas. Also the Dead Horse Lake Landmark locations are scattered in areas that you will have to come back to later. Don’t be afraid to use your fast-travel as it will save time.

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Also keep in mind that some Dead Horse Lake Landmark locations will be on land. You have a very limited time on land to find these, as your shark will very quickly die out of the water. These land-based locations are the only ones that absolutely require you to come back as a more powerful shark who can survive on land longer.

There’s no body parts or genetic upgrades unlocked with these landmarks, instead you will be rewarded with experience and resources. As such, it’s only really worth collecting the landmarks in Maneater if you’re looking to a 100% completion run that requires you to find all of the secrets. You would likely be better served by hunting down the nutrient and evo caches instead.

And like we said in our beginner’s guide to the game, keep pinging that radar. You will only need to be nearby to a landmark for the radar to light it up on your minimap. Having this in mind while exploring will make pinpointing loot locations and landmarks much faster.

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