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How To Farm Cubic Diodes In Warframe

Warframe Rising Tide

The Rising Tide update adds some new content, as well as some new crafting options. As part of the new Rising Tide update, there’s multiple new resources to deal with building the Railjack. The Railjack is the first of many parts of the new Empyrean expansion. And since DE is preparing the ground for that new expansion and new space ship mechanics, they’re giving players the chance to build the parts ahead of time. There are multiple parts to build, and each one needs its own unique resource in addition to a few generic resources.

In the case of the Fuselage, there’s a handful of resources that you need. Most of these are gained through normal play in a variety of missions, but there’s one item in particular that’s brand new, and thus a little harder to find. You will need 100 Cubic Diodes, a brand new resource, in order to build the hull of your new ship.

There’s a few different mission types and tilesets that can drop these, and it’s very similar to other Rising Tide resources. In short, aim for the Eximus units on Corpus Ice Planet tileset. A great mission to play is the Dark Sector Defense on the Larzec node.

Each unit killed has a chance to drop a small stack of Cubic Diodes. Defense and Survival mission types have higher spawn rates of these unit types on later levels, although they can be pretty tough solo.

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And yes, Resource Boosters will give increased drop rates for these resources. So if you happened to get one on the daily login, go ahead and focus on farming them while it’s active.

We’ve got a video guide too, check that out below.

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