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The Division 2 hints at new DLC in trailer

The Division 2 Episode 3

The Episode 3 of DLC for The Division 2 is coming next month. Ubisoft has reveled more details about the paid update, as well as the free update this week. Ubisoft released a new teaser trailer for The Division 2’s next free DLC today, showing off a bit more of what we can expect when it launches in February. We can see a new zone, with the players headed to Coney Island in NY to take on a new batch of weirdos and enemies.

The new trailer also reveals more details about the DLC. The Black Tusk, an enemy faction from the launch of the game, is back again. This end-game faction has been given a tech upgrade, and is much more dangerous. Players will be tasked with taking them down a peg. The player groups can expect new raids for the Black Tusk which involve raiding an enemy compound and claiming the objectives within. Players will also earn new loot and other goodies from this mission.

Be careful though, flamethrower-wielding lunatics will be running around and roasting everything they see. Lucky for you though, if you manage to complete the new batch of missions, you can grab said flamer for yourself, roasting everyone like a bunch of rotisserie chickens.

Check out the trailer for the DLC update down below.

The free update, which will be due this February alongside this new paid DLC, will bring patches and fixes to various issues. Details of the patch are still pretty murky, as Ubisoft is keeping things under wraps.

For those who’ve purchased the game’s Year 1 Pass, there’s a bonus on the table as well. Those who have that DLC pass can grab a special specialization right out of the gate. These specializations unlock certain abilities and weapons that are otherwise locked. Getting them without the grind to unlock the special gear is a big advantage for hardcore players that want to jump right into the best parts of the new update.

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