Where To Find Hoarfrost Cores In Genshin Impact

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Hoarfrost Cores In Genshin Impact are one of many different upgrade items used throughout the new game. QiQi is one of several party members you can combine with this item to unlock their more powerful Ascension. This is one of the tougher fights as the monster that drops the item is basically a mini-boss at the beginning of the game.

How do you get Hoarfrost Cores In Genshin Impact?

You can only get these Tier 4 rarity items from one source. Cryo Regisvine is your target, but they need to be level 30+. These Cryo enemies are basically a giant frost beast, and Pyro-based attacks work really well against them. Because they’re so highly leveled though, bring healers and support to round out your team for hunting them. It also wouldn’t hurt to eat meals that have some amount of Cryo resistance applied to your party, or possibly some potions with the same effect.

The boss also has a shifting weak point. When the battle first starts, attack the stem of the beast, after you do enough damage it will slam its head into the ground. The weak point will then be found on the head of the flower monster. Use ranged attacks where possible during this period to really nail the top of it.

You will find these in one place pretty easily. Along the Falcon Coast in the eastern part of the map, a ways south of the Thousand Winds Temple is where you want to go. There’s a teleporter further south that you can use to come back here if you need to. Check the image below for the exact location to head for when hunting down any Cryo Regisvine. Look for the red circle on the image.

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Where To Find Hoarfrost Cores In Genshin Impact

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