How to teleport players in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Now that multiplayer has finally dropped for Project Zomboid, things have certainly gotten a lot more interesting. The single-player isometric zombie adventure was already tons of fun, but with your pals it has a lot more replayability. That does add one big complication though, as players sometimes need to learn complicated systems and server commands to run games in multiplayer. Add to that the complexity and size of the map, and there’s some problems.

Finding players is another matter. Getting around the map and learning landmarks takes a lot of time. You need to learn the names and default locations of buildings, and that’s hard. Players often want to get meet up ASAP, so that means taking as many shortcuts as possible. Getting into the world of Knox county is easy. But once you’re both in the game, how are you supposed to find your friends?

How to find friends using the map in Project Zomboid

Finding your pals when you want to game together can be kind of daunting. Build 41 actually made this much easier with a new in-game map. By pressing M you can open up the map and see where your character is on it.  The in-game map and some knowledge of the town layouts can be great for meeting up with other players. You can use this and in-game landmarks to find each other manually.

If you want to go that route, use this community-made tool to help you visualize the map out of game. The developers and players have worked together to help name where important locations are, making it much easier to learn. Share this with your friends and help plan out a route before a mutliplayer game if you want to meet up.  This can take time though, and if you’re in a rush there’s another option.

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How to teleport players in Project Zomboid

To teleport players to your current location in Project Zomboid, you just need to use the Options menu. You also need to be the admin of the server and have admin powers turned on. Put the “/setaccesslevel “yourSteamname” admin” command in the chatbox as the server host to do this. Once that’s done, you’re ready to teleport players in Project Zomboid.

Click the ESC key to bring up the menu. When you’re the admin of the server, you will get various options on the right-hand side. You can toggle god mode, render your character invisible and a few others. Now, select the PLAYERS menu on the side to get to the right menu. By clicking the Teleport button, you can begin the process. You can then select a player on the map to teleport right to them. If you want to teleport players, you will need to click on a player and then click Teleport to me.

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