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Minecraft Live 2020 scheduled for October 2020

Minecraft Live 2020

Minecraft Live 2020 has been announced as the replacement of live events in 2020 for the popular adventure game franchise. Mojang has announced that the decision comes amid ongoing concerns over COVID-19. Mojang also announced other details about the future. Whether Minecraft Live 2020 will feature the same level of details and content from Minecon events remains to be seen.

Minecraft Live 2020 is just the latest of many events to be prompted for major chances and delays in 2020. The spread of COVID-19 has caused major disruptions in the games industry. EGX: Rezzed 2020 was cancelled, as was the in-person TennoCon. The pandemic did at least prompt some gamers to be more concerned with those less-fortunate, including major charity efforts.

The content shown at the event is pretty much a mystery right now. There will be some announcements concerning plans for the future of various games, but we don’t know which games will be featured. We could see more details about that elusive Minecraft Earth beta,  Instead of the Minecraft festival that was supposed to happen, the event has been pushed to October 3. And instead of being in-person, it will be an all-digital event and involve a special livestream.

Mojang Studios is teasing a few things, as revealed in the recent post on their main site.

Details about the new Minecraft Live event and its format are largely unknown at this time. What we do know, is that Mojang Studios is promising that fans will get “answers to pertinent questions about what the rest of Mojang Studios have been working on all year.”

Mojang even released a trailer promoting their great hurrah, which can be seen below.

Minecraft Festival was originally supposed to happen this month in September, but that has been pushed back to 2022. Hopefully, COVID-19 has surpassed the pandemic stage and is sunsetted by then. There is some more bad news as well. Mojang has announced that they will no longer be directly involved with any official community events. That means that the company won’t be providing direct support for such events in the future.

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