How to Deal Damage While Thermal is Active in Fortnite

Predator: Hunting Grounds

The new Predator skin and mythic items added to Fortnite are pretty special. The game has already added tons of tie-in items like this, And these new challenges surrounding the iconic alien hunter are pretty cool. Or in this case, hot. One of the new challenges means that you need to hunt down the Predator gear and turn on Thermal Vision. How do you do that? It’s very simple, you just need to go fishing. Go out and find a Thermal Fish and eat it.

It’s a very good idea to bring more than one of the Thermal Fish, as the thermal effect is on a timer. That means you have to use the fish and engage an enemy within a certain amount to complete the challenge. You need to deal 100 damage total while the Thermal Vision is up. If you don’t have anyone nearby when you trigger the mode, you will have to go and hunt them down, and that takes precious time.

How to Deal Damage While Thermal Vision is Active as Predator

The basic idea is that you need to find and eat the Thermal Fish to trigger Thermal Vision and then deal 100 damage before time runs out. You may have to bring along more than one fish to get this done. So it’s probably a good idea to bring a couple along in each match. You can find the correct fish at any body of water, just cast your line and wait. You just need to get lucky and grab a few before moving on.

It appears not to matter how you deal that 100 damage either. Long-range weapons seem to be the best though. Trying to grab a Sniper Rifle and take out enemies from afar seems like a solid approach. If you want to try and rush the challenge, you could also drop right onto a POI with water nearby and try to grab a fish, then you would be right by some live targets. This is really risky and might be too dependant on luck though.

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You would also want to have the Mandalorian’s Sniper if you can, as that has Thermal by default, and it looks like the best way to get the challenge done, if you’re lucky with your drops. Most players will probably just rush for the fish method as a result.

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