Where to find tar pits in Valheim


The tar pits in Valheim are a kind of unique area. These places were added in the most recent patch to the game, with the new Hearth and Home update making it much more challenging. The new expansion pushes in a bunch of new areas to explore. And with those, comes new items. You will need to gather many of these new items to make new gear and armor. There are also new weapons as well, if you want to combat some new bosses.

You can find crystals to make a new crystal battleaxe. There’s also a bunch of other stuff too. If you need more defensive options, a bone tower shield is a good choice. There’s a lot to find out there in the Viking adventure with this new update. Those new areas include tar pits, an addition to the plains biomes. Head out into the planes to find tar pits in Valheim. There, you can harvest tar.

These Growths are the enemies that guard the area. They can pack quite the punch, so treat them with caution. At these tar pits, you will be able to harvest tar from these enemies. You will first need to beat them in battle. Fire-based attacks might help you here. But they will be a lot less useful if you get pinned down. Be on your dodge game, as you really don’t want to get hit by the vicious growths around the tar pits.

They are basically giant slimes, so they’re actually kind of fun to fight while you try to dodge their attacks. If you can manage to survive, you can get some pretty cool items.

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How to quickly harvest tar

So sure, you could fight your way through the Growths and harvest the nodes, but there’s a faster way. There’s another way to farm tar from tar pits in Valheim by draining them. Some tar is found around the pit, but breaking the border with a pickaxe will allow you to drain the pool. Bring along an upgraded pick and hit some holes into the pit, the tar will drain over time.

So what is tar used for? Why building things, dummy. You can make new darkwood structures with it for a new coat of stylish paint on your base.

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