What is Radiant Light in Destiny 2?

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Radiant Light is an Arc mod for arm armor in Destiny 2. It’s one of many mods you can slot into your armor in the game, and it carries a unique effect. Your Guardian gains a pretty cool ability when they use this mod just right. It’s a very powerful mod, and a lot of players seem to want it. But the trouble is, not everyone knows where to look. Bungie loves to let players figure things out for themselves, so this guide will help fill in the gaps.

What is Radiant Light in Destiny 2?

While Radiant Light does benefit you with an increase to some stats, its primary reward comes in the form of the Charged with Light modifier. For an energy cost of three, players will cause nearby allies to become Charged with Light when casting their Super. The mod also gives players +20 Strength when at least one other Arc armor mod or Arc Charged with Light mod is used. It just has to be used in another armor slot. So it’s a pretty great armor mod to have if you love your Super spam.

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Charged with Light is an ability that can be influenced by other mods in your inventory as well, meaning it can help scale boons in your build. For example, combining it with another Arc Mod for both PvP and PvE Raids is very effective. The +20 to Strength offers a solid boost to melee damage. And depending on which Arc Mod you use, you can get more ammo, or bonuses to other damage types as well.

How do you get it, you ask? Radiant Light can be acquired from Ada-1 in the Tower for 10 Mod Components. Complete bounties for Banshee-44 to get your hands on more Mod Components.

That’s all you need to know about Radiant Light in Destiny 2.

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