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Marvel’s Avengers permanently reduces the price of takedowns and emotes

Marvel's Avengers Slashes Emotes and Takedown Prices

Things have not been so peaceful in the land of Marvel’s Avengers. The game has had a very rough start and has lost most of its player base shortly after launch. Square Enix is clearly trying all they can to get people back into the game, they even slashed prices on cosmetics this week. Though it’s hard to see where to good lies in this move.

A particular sticking point for many players has been how overpriced the cosmetics are. For example, the game sells Epic Takedowns, special finishing move animations that are just unique animations, for example, the old versions cost 1,200 Credits, which is about $12/£10 each. The publisher has cut these prices for both Takedowns and Emotes.

Here are the new prices, which are not as bad:

  • Epic Takedowns: 500 Credits
  • Rare Emotes: 125 Credits
  • Epic Emotes: 250 Credits
  • Legendary Emotes: 500 Credits

The good news is that the takedown and emote discounts will remain permanent.

The struggle to keep this game alive is pretty evident. Players have been fleeing this game like it was a raging inferno. It’s been barely two months since launch and nearly 95% of players have stopped playing. The average online user counts from Steam Charts are down around 1,400, from a peak of around 28,000 after launch. It’s clear that the complete lack of a substantive endgame has driven players away. If Crystal Dynamics and Square want to get people back in, they need more content. Players don’t care if the prices for cosmetics are lower or not if they’re not even booting the game.

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If you do happen to log in before November 5, Crystal Dynamics is giving a “digital thank-you bundle” to all players, which will include 1500 credits 7000 units, 250 upgrade models, 20 DNA keys, and a Sarah Garza-inspired nameplate. If that’s enough to get you back into the game, then good for you.

The game is currently running a promotion for returning players alongside these reduced prices, but since the DLC was delayed, it probably won’t matter much. The team had to announce a “slight delay” to the Taking Aim DLC that will add Kate Bishop to the game: A date wasn’t revealed but Crystal Dynamics said that it will not be out in October, which was the original window. It’s possible it could be out by the end of this month though, The plan to add more DLC characters better hurry up if this game doesn’t want to get Snapped.

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