Red Dead Online: How To Trade in Bounty Hunter XP For Gold

Everything added in Red Dead Online’s Summer Update

The Bounty Hunter role is back in Red Dead Online and it’s getting a big overhaul with the most recent content update. The game has a total of 30 Ranks up from 20 that was previously in the game. The new ranks involve playing through a bunch of missions and grinding out a ton of Bounty Hunter XP to get to the top of the pecking order. Once you get to that level, you get a nice reward as well. You can then trade in Bounty Hunter XP for Gold, which can then be turned into other items within the game.

Let’s talk about how that process works and what kind of conversion you can expect.

Reach Bounty Hunter Rank 30

Before you unlock the ability to exchange Bounty Hunter XP for Gold you need to reach Bounty Hunter Role Rank 30. This takes a fair bit of grinding, as it’s the new max rank for this profession. That means you need to maximize XP gains to get there. YOu will want to play through all of the group and posse activities that you can, including completing all of the solo 5 * hunts for a nice XP boost. When those aren’t available, do any of the others as well. Make sure to play during any Double XP events to speed this up.

If you’re persistent, you should be at Rank 30 in the future. You can now trade in the extra XP you earn in missions for RDO$ and Gold in the Awards Menu. Players who reach this rank will also earn the Bounty Hunter Experience Award.

You can find the Awards menu by going through the following menus:

  • Progress
  • Awards
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bounty Hunter Awards
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Once you’re on this menu you can trade in bundles of 10,000 XP for a small cache of Gold and money. It turns out that the reward is not that great, and the community is pretty perplexed over it. You can trade 10,000 XP for 0,5 Gold Bars and 100 RDO$. The amount takes a long time to earn as well, as most legendary bounties pay out around 2,000 XP or so and take some time to complete. So if you wanted to buy one of the new cosmetics that costs 15 Gold Bars, you would need to trade in 300,000 XP; which means you’re going to have to slog through around 150 Legendary Bounties. And that assumes Rockstar doesn’t cap the number of times you can redeem the reward.

This whole thing now goes along with the standalone release of Red Dead Online. Players can now enjoy just the multiplayer component of the cowboy epic. This reduces the download size and opens up another new multiplayer option for those of us stuck inside over the holidays, which should be everyone let’s be honest. But there’s a problem, apparently many players are having trouble turning in quests for XP at all, making the whole thing broken. That’s really not good.

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