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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Velkhana Gamescom trailer shows new details

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

With the impending launch of Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion, things are about to heat up in the land of Astera. With the huge number of changes being planned for the update, which comes in at a hefty 50 GB in size on the top end, MHW fans are going to have quite the adjustment period to get used to the entirely new game.

But you won’t have an easy time, as Capcom is throwing you right into the blizzard and yelling  “git gud!” over the howling wind. That’s because you’re ultimately going to have to take on Velkhana, a powerful new Elder Dragon nicknamed the Everwyrm. Luckily, you’ll have some new tools to help with the process of hunting in the new Master Ranks. There’s the new Clutch Claw, and also an entirely new stable of deadly weapons.

Capcom isn’t content with just showing off some new gameplay though. Capcom is also revealing some details about pre-ordering the new expansion, as well details about what different editions of the game will be put out. Check after the video for details on that.

Check out the full trailer showing the flagship new Elder Dragon in action down below.

Here are the full details of all of the pre-orders and different versions of the expansion.

First up is the basic version, which is just a digital release, priced at $39.99/€39.99.

Then there’s the digital deluxe edition of the expansion that includes some goodies. The digital deluxe version will contain both the expansion and a Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Deluxe Kit DLC of cosmetics. The DLC includes a “Silver Knight” layered armor set, 3 gestures, 2 sticker sets, 1 face paint, 1 hairstye and 1 decor set for the new room feature. This is available for $49.99/ €49.99.

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For those looking to hop into the game on a new platform, or as an entirely new player, can pick up the Master Edition which includes both the expansion and Monster Hunter World as a package deal for $59.99 / €59.99.

The pre-order bonus Capcom just announced is a new stylish armor set called the Yukumo set. Check it out. PS4 owners will also grab a a dynamic theme featuring Velkhana and a special theme for pre-ordering.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases September 6th on Playstation 4 and Xbox One with PC arriving in January 2020.

If you’re not prepared for Iceborne, or if you want to make sure you wrap some things up, check out our checklist of things to complete ahead of the expansion launch in a few weeks.

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