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Hyperkin Retron Jr. lets you play Game Boy games on your TV

Hyperkin Retron Jr.

There’s a new retro console coming on the market. Once again Hyperkin, makers of the Retron multi-system consoles, is back with a new new system. This time the new Hyperkin Retron Jr. features support for portable games. This new system supports Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games, and you can even play them on your TV.

In terms of I/O the Hyperkin Retron Jr. has an HDMI out and supports 720p output on an HDTV. The interesting thing here is that the upscaling is done via emulation, rather than with a dedicated video conversion chipset. It also features a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as a basic USB port for the controller. There’s also a SNES-like Scout controller that comes with a 6 foot cord. Lastly, there’s a link port. With this, players can connect two Retron Jr. systems together and play older games that support multiple players.

Those of you who remember the days of the Super Nintendo remember when you could use a conversion cart to play Game Boy games on your TVs. This specialized cartridge would allow players to enjoy an upscaled version of their favorite portable titles. The new version of this idea wit the Hyperkin Retron Jr. will be much better though, as the added platforms of the Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance make this new console great for those looking to avoid PC emulation to play these games on their TV.

We don’t know when this new console will come out, as Hyperkin has not provided us with that information. No details about the pricing either.

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