Tips to play Minecraft Pixelmon for Beginners

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Minecraft Pixelmon is the kind of game that fans of a certain anime dream of. Fusing Minecraft and Pokémon has created a titanic game within the Minecraft modding community. Players getting into the world have a lot to learn. There’s a lot more to this game than just going out and finding Pokémon. The adventure relies on both hunting the land for resources, and training your champion team. There are also gyms and battles to take on.

The very basics

There’s a lot to this game, so let’s go slow. To view the summary of your Pokémon, press “E” (by default) to open up your Inventory. You will be able to see your Party, as well as your Trainer’s details. You can check what you have in your bags, as well as how much money you have.

Crafting and Training are very important

Typically at the start of Pixelmon, your Pokémon are very low level, and you need resources. But also, this is Minecraft, you need to build stuff. You will have to put time into finding raw resources and making them. Go out mining before you ever think about taking on gyms, That way, you can get some iron and other basic stuff to make your team more resilient.

Do you have a Pokémon such as Eevee that you want to evolve with one of the elemental stones? These can be mined out in the underground. Each Stone is crafted from Shards mined from Elemental Stone blocks. You need a Stone Pickaxe to get these out. Eevee and certain other monsters also evolve when gaining levels near Moss Rocks and Ice Rocks. Battle near these rocks to level up and evolve into specific type Evolutions.

Prepping for adventure

Making an anvil is one of your first goals. Crafting this big boy will unlock the ability to make many different items. Two of the most important items you will make are the PC and Pokéballs.

Want to have more than six Pokémon? Well, first, you’ll need a PC! PCs can be found in randomly spawning Pokémon Centers or crafted. You will need 6x Aluminum Plates, 1x Glass Pane, 1x Redstone Lamp, and one Redstone. Put them in the order seen below:

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Once you have it made, place it down and begin to use it. Once you do that, a GUI will come up with all your boxes on it. These work just like in the normal Pokémon games. If you press S, you’ll be able to search for a Pokémon if you type their name.

Once you have that setup, you can start training.  Find some Trainer NPCs you can beat easily to farm some easy money. Once you have that, buy lots of Potions. These will be the primary way you heal your team out in the wild. Pokémon Centers are dotted about, but they can be few and far between. Hunting around for Trainers and wild Pokémon can also be a great way to find hidden items like TMs, healing items and more.

You can also use a Bed or a Healer station if Potions aren’t an option. A bed can only be used at night, so a healer is preferable.

Gyms can be extra challenging

Not only are the gyms some tough battles, but they can be hard to find and figure out. Gym levels sometimes aren’t clear, so you will likely have to lose a few fights before you can figure out if you can really take on a gym or not. But that’s not all. One of the things new players to Minecraft Pixelmon don’t expect is the gym puzzles. You can often have to trek over jumping puzzles and other obstacles to get to the actual battles that are part of each location. Of course, you could just carve a hole in the wall to get past it in some cases.

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