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Star Citizen 3.1 will focus on performance

Star Citizen Alpha

With more than $175 million raised, CIG and RSI are looking to the near-future for Star Citizen. Specifically, when version 3.1 hits in March 2018 and brings performance improvements and a handful of new features with it. Of course 3.1 is just the start, there are plans to release multiple patches and content updates throughout the year. Backers can also look forward to a new website with a much sleeker interface launching later this month.

Star Citizen Global Head of Production Erin Roberts gave an update on what backers can expect with the upcoming alpha 3.1 version. The major will be on improving what was added in 3.0, along with bringing some new features like an emergency beacon that allows stranded players to put out an S.O.S. to aid rescuers.

These new beacons will be the first introduction of a feature that allows players to create missions for one another. CIG plan to expand this feature set in the future.

The UI will also be polished in terms of readability and usability of the HUDs, including tweaks to the combat UI. Exploits to the economy will be fixed.

AI routines and overall flight physics are also being looked as a possible avenue for updates in the cycle of 3.1 updates.

The plan in terms of patches is that major updates will arrive with each new quarter, and that small hotfix patches will be released in the downtime between major updates.

Check out the livestream for more details below:

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