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Uber Labyrinth Farmer Juggernaut Build Guide (POE Legion 3.7)

Path of Exile Legion

Since the Labyrinth was introduced into Path of Exile, gamers have looked for ways to farm its rewards, and they have good reason too. Izaro’s maze of traps and deadly bosses offers a great challenge for any POE player, but also promises huge reward. The Ascendancy offered at the end of each of the four Labyrinth runs is now considered crucial to any POE build. The treasure chests after the final boss fight are a great source of different kinds of valuable loot, the main draw in any ARPG. And the Enchants are some of the most valuable of all, allowing players to essentially gamble to get the right on-meta Enchant on the right base type in order to either turbocharge their own build or sell the item for huge profit.

All this considered, there’s major incentive to run a Lab farming build in every POE league, and the same is true in Legion League.

Using Earthquake, we’re offered a really strong skill with both good clear and single-target damage. This scales well with our defensive setup.

Offensively, the main goal is to continually be killing and moving. Drop your Ancestral Warchief Totem and keep moving when dealing with bosses. The initial hit of DPS from Earthquake should take out most packs, with the aftershocks only being needed for tougher enemies.

Defensively, the layers are laser-focused for dealing with the primary damage from Izaro and traps, Physical Damage. THe second and equally vital aspect that joins well with good mitigation is to know how the fights and traps work. This is something that takes practice, as the number of permutations in trap combinations and Lab layout is massive. I strongly recommend checking out the Labyrinth section of our leveling guide to POE for more details and a comprehensive breakdown of actually running the Lab.

You’ll find all you will need to construct this build down below. The guide assumes that you’re going all-out and are maximizing every aspect, but you don’t have to go that far at all to reach a point where the build is enjoyable. If you are a brand new Path of Exile player, feel free to check out our various POE guides for noobs.

Build Pros

  • Insane DPS
  • League Starter
  • Budget-viable in terms of gear
  • HC Viable

Build Cons

  • Not really suited for endgame maps

Passive Tree(s)

Endgame Passive Tree


Upgrade all of these.

Major God: Soul of Solaris

A strong choice for the added Physical Damage reduction.

Minor God: Soul of Ralakesh

The increased damage reduction is great when moving, as since we constantly proc Leap Slam for Fortify.


Helping Oak is a great choice, he provides additional physical damage reduction, life regeneration, and increased physical damage. Killing all for the 2 bonus Passives is good if you place the two passives for more DPS.



Ascendancy points:

Preferably in this order:

  1. Unflinching
  2. Unrelenting
  3. Unbreakable
  4. Unstoppable


Helmet: (From Best to Worst)
40% increased Earthquake Damage
30% reduced Earthquake Duration
40% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Damage
12% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Area of Effect

0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you’ve Killed Recently
x% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Killed Recently

Commandment of Light or Force.

You could also use these Corruptions on different gear:

+1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
(4–6)% increased maximum Life
(8–10)% increased Attack Speed

Leveling Items and General Tips

Leveling Uniques: Check out our leveling Uniques guide

Act 1: The Ledge

Act 2: The Fellshrine Ruins

Act 3: The Docks

Act 4: The Dried Lake

Act 5: The Chamber of Innocence

Act 6: The Ridge

Act 7: The Temple of Decay lv1-2

Act 8: The Harbour Bridge

Act 9: The Blood Aqueduct

Act 10: The Ossuary

Be careful of these map mods

*Any kind of Reflect Mods
Avoid these on any maps you run.

* Monsters have #% increased Critical Strike Chance / +#% to Monster Critical Strike Multiplier
With high evasion, attacks should almost never crit you. Spells on the other hand can still hit hard.

* Monsters fire 2 additional Projectiles
Scary mod on some bosses and monster types. Some monsters are still able to spam out too many projectiles to handle.

* Area contains two Unique Bosses
Your goal to survive this mode is a combo of extreme DPS and Life. The faster you can down the bosses, the less threat they pose.

* #% increased Monster Movement Speed / #% increased Monster Attack Speed / #% increased Monster Cast Speed
Some bosses are going to be too fast to hit effectively, meaning you’ll spend more time than you normally should kiting them. This combination with Temporal Chains is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

* Players are Cursed with Vulnerability
Negated during mapping with a Warding Flask, but not against bosses. Ailments from bosses can kill you easily.

* Players are Cursed with Temporal Chains
I would personally avoid this on high-tier maps.

Final Skill Gem Setup

You’ll find recommendations for different attack skill setups for this build below. The basic buff and aura setups are down there too. The basic idea is to swap out to your single-target skill before taking on the boss, so keep that in mind.

Vaal Earthquake ->Pulverize -> Maim -> Melee Physical Damage -> Less Duration -> Added Fire Damage

Ancestral Warchief -> Melee Physical Damage -> Culling Strike -> Maim

=== MOVEMENT ===
Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

Immortal Call -> Cast when Damage Taken Support -> Enfeeble-> Increased Duration


Build Uniques / Example Rare Gear

In this section you will find all the suggested items for this build. We always try to include optional gear in our listing, or try your own assuming you get similar stat rolls. Aim for high-quality Rares if you’re replacing Uniques. The Minimum/Optional requirements listed assume you’re using Rares as a replacement for listed Uniques (where possible).

Depending on your gear choices, you can go for either a lot more DPS at the expense of Life, or go for more defensiveness by sacrificing a portion of DPS. This is your choice. In most cases, I would prefer Life personally, as it’s just a bit more forgiving. If you’re a new player, this may the path for you.

Stat Priorities:

Life is super important for survivability, especially at endgame. Although be careful not to forsake too many damage mods for it or you won’t be able to kill mobs quick enough for your defenses to handle incoming DPS.

Physical Damage is your primary DPS, and it scales primarily as a raw value. The only Elemental Damage comes from Added Fire. This means you should target Physical damage over direct Elemental damage so as to not compromise defenses.

Armour and physically dodging attacks are your defensive layers. By using specific item base types and Flasks, we can achieve a useful amount of defense. And since Izaro is all about dealing physical damage, we need as much mitigation for this as we can get.

Resistances until capped.

Attack Speed means that you simply attack faster the higher it is. This stat becomes vital for scaling overall DPS. Since we’re using Pulverize with our main attack, we need to extra Attack Speed to offset the loss from Pulverize.

Strength is great for both getting a bit more Life and dealing more Physical Damage.


This build is made to work with a 2-Hand weapon, you can easily go for either Axes or Maces with only focusing on the damage nodes fro your weapon type.

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consider solid two-handed Uniques like Kaom’s Primacy, Sinvicta’s Mettle, Kitava’s Feast, Marohi Erqi, Voidhome as some viable choices, although they depend on what your other gear slots have to offer. And of course, the top-end Unique will be Atziri’s Disfavour.

Any Rare Mace or Axe with at least 400pDPS can be used while saving up for a top-end Unique.

Min. requirements:
Multiple Physical Damage Buffs
% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
Optional affixes:
+1 to Maximum Endurance Charges (Shaper)
Gain % of Physical as Extra Fire Damage (Shaper)
% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill (Elder)


A Rare works OK here, the enchant is where most of the power of this slot comes from in that case. I would say going for enchants which increase your main skill damage are best. Armour bases should be your goto here.

Devoto’s Devotion is also and OK choice if you’re looking for a Unique, but getting one with the right enchant will be very pricey.

Here’s the stats for a Rare in any base type, although go for Strength/Armour bases for best Life:

Min. requirements:
90 Maximum Life
% Increased Maximum Life
Uncapped Resistances
+ Armour
% Increased Armour
Optional affixes:
Nearby Enemies take #% Increased Physical Damage (Jagged Fossil)
Reduced Attribute Requirements

Body Armor

Your main goal with your chest slot is to get as much Life and Armour as you can. There are two paths here. One is to use a Elder/Shaper base with a ton of crafting luck and to hit the right combo. The other is to opt for Unique options that grant a ton of both, but don’t offer as much DPS potential. Belly of the Beast and Wall of Brambles are a solid starter choice. The Brass Dome is one of the highest Armour chest slots in POE right now, although some may find it kind of clunky to use.

You can also go for a Rare though you will lose some Armour potential even with the best bases. There are several ways to further increase the effectiveness of a Rare here, but they will massively increase the currency cost, as a high-end Armour that fits these parameters would be Mirror-service-worthy.

  • A + Level to Socketed Gems Affix is extremely useful if running a Rare.
  • Getting Reduced Attribute Requirements can really help if you’re struggling with attributes. This can also free up other Affixes as you no longer need to waste them. This would allow you to further increase your DPS. Although getting this mod combination will be extremely hard, and will cost a lot of currency, so bank on just using a crafted affix instead. You only really need this on one item, so scale Physical DPS with the other items
  • Getting a high, or possibly Legacy, Increased Life and/or Chaos Resistance roll really helps with survivability if you’re lacking in resists.

Here’s the stats for a Rare in an Armour base type, use POEAffix for your desired base and look for mods that align with these:

Min. requirements:
100 maximum Life
% Increased Maximum Life (Elder Mod)
Multiple Physical Damage Buffs
+ Armour
Optional affixes:
Uncapped Resistances
Recover % of Maximum Life on Kill (Elder Mod)
+ to Level of Socketed Support Gems (Elder Mod)


Abyss Belts with Life and Resistances are a good option for more difficult end-game sections and bosses. Any Rare can work though, making budget options very useful. With the requirements below, you get even more physical damage mitigation which is crucial for running Lab and fighting Izaro.

If you’re looking to go for a pricier option, Elder/Shaper variants are good too, assuming you can get a good combo of Life and Resists on them.

Some Unique options are Belt of the Deceiver and The Tactician.

Min. requirements:
70 Maximum Life
% Increased Damage
+ Armour
x% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
Optional affixes:
Reduced Flask Charges Used
% Increased Global Physical Damage (Jagged Fossil)


Gloves can be one of the more flexible gear slots while leveling, pick any Unique Gloves which focus on buffing needed Attributes or damage types and you’ll be fine for leveling. Once you hit end-game, opt for a high-end Rare ASAP. If you need help choosing Unique Gloves, refer to the leveling items section above, or go to this list.

Rare Gloves with buffs to Physical/Elemental damage are great as an endgame option. Always get some Attack Speed and added Physical Damage with this base to make it viable with this POE build. Go for Armour bases, no question if using a Rare.

Min. requirements:
70 Maximum Life
Uncapped Resistances
Multiple Physical Damage Buffs
Increased Attack Speed
+ Armour
Optional affixes:
+ Strength


Rare boots with max rolled Life, Resists and Movement Speed are great as a generic choice, but you may find yourself a bit more prone to taking hits than you would like. This one is more of a personal judgment call. Here’s the basic requirements for Rare in this slot.

Min. requirements:
60 maximum Life
% Increased Maximum Life (Pristine Fossil)
+ Armour
25% increased Movement Speed (Especially if using Brass Dome)
Any Uncapped Resistances (>25%)
Optional affixes:
% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill (Elder)


If using a Rare, Get a Shaper/Elder and stack as much Life as you can on your Amulet to prevent feeling too squishy. Carnage Heart is decent for leveling, but you need more Crit Chance in later parts of the game to scale DPS effectively.

Min. requirements:
50 maximum Life
Adds # to # Physical Damage
10% All Elemental Resistances
% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Optional affixes:
Gain % of Non-Chaos damage as Extra Chaos Damage (Elder mod)


Ventor’s Gamble rings are a good choice here if you want some Magic Find. Always get a Ventor’s with positive rolls in all cases. It will be a bit more expensive, but not too much more. Another Unique option with similar MF potential, and even more DPS, is Le Heup of All. This latter option also allows you to scale more damage through affixes on other slots by getting needed Attributes.

If using a Rare Ring, use the following start priorities to help guide your selection. Steel Rings are a good base for this build. Rolling high Item Level Shaper/Elder bases with Essences is a great option if you have the currency.

Min. requirements:
60 Maximum Life
% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
Uncapped Resistances
Optional affixes:
% Increased Melee Damage (Elder)
Warlord’s Mark on Hit (Shaper)


Lion’s Roar – Useful utility flask for better defense that also grants a bit more DPS.

Atziri’s Promise – Chaos Resistance and extra DPS is really useful.

Other Flasks:

  1. Perpetual Silver Flask of Heat (Freeze Immunity)
  2. Experimenter’s Basalt Flask of Staunching (Bleed Immunity)
  3. Catalyzed Divine Life Flask of Warding (Curse Removal)

You can swap these mods around if needed due to RNG.


Abyss Jewels that have a chance to gain Onslaught can also be used in a slot for a damage increase. although traditional Rares with Life and Physical Damage will be better.

Rare Jewels can run with the following stats:

Recommended affixes:

  1. % Increased Maximum Life
  2. % Increased Attack Speed
  3. % Increased Melee Damage
  4. % Increased Physical Damage
  5. % Increased Physical Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons
  6. % Increased Area Damage

Optional affixes:
Attributes (Dexterity/Intelligence only if needed for max level Gems)

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