How to capture checkpoints in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Goes Gold

As you get shuffled around the map fighting for the liberation of Yara in Far Cry 6, you will notice a lot of locations that you will have to come back to. You will also find many different hidden items like weapons and upgrades all over the place. With the biggest map that the franchise has ever had, there’s a huge area to explore. There are many things to do, and things to shoot, too.

Among all the various targets are military bases and checkpoints. These installations represent the dictator’s military power over the various regions. To help out the liberation movement, you need to take these places down. There’s a specific process to take on, and here’s what to do.

How to capture checkpoints in Far Cry 6

There are two main components to each attack. You have two tasks to complete to capture a checkpoint in this game. You need to do this in two steps, as you need to clear the base of enemies first. After that, you then ned to destroy and pro-regime propaganda. Whether you decide to run in and blast everything in sight, or take the stealthy and quiet route, is up to you. You can take either route if you plan properly.

The first part of blasting all the enemies to bits is pretty easy. You will need to do some scouting and try to thin out enemy numbers before rushing in. Most players will take out advance guards and surveillance from a range first, then sneak in and start shooting left and right.

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When it comes to destroying the propaganda, focus on finding and taking out any images and billboards bearing Anton Castillo’s face. There will usually be explosive barrels and other things that can be blown up to accomplish this. You could also blast it with rockets or other heavy weapons to get the job done.

Once you have polished off both tasks, you can claim the checkpoints and military bases in Far Cry 6.

Doing all of this work will result in a new base being setup for your faction. You will get a new set of Bandido board quests to run through, get these by interacting with the Bandido board. You will also find NPCs around that have details on various other military targets and hidden treasures in the region. This may also mark AA Sites in the area, needed to find more uranium for upgrades. There will also be a workbench you can use to mod your weapons.

If you want to speed this up, it’s probably a good idea to unlock fast travel ASAP. Being able to zip around the map in this game is crucial. Far Cry 6‘s world map has so many things to do that it becomes too much to remember.

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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