Null Sec Sov Fights

May 30, Weekend of the Super

With small clashes breaking out all over New Eden this week, plenty of supers, capitals, and their pilots and crews met their end in these last tumultuous days of the month. HERO and BL. continue their skirmishing over Fountain, while Imperium and friends are spending time brawling in Providence. NC. and PL continue their wars with Provibloc and Nulli respectively. And throughout the rest of the cluster, various entities from PFR to Cicle-of-Two are spending time getting their hands dirty. With the first phase of Fozziesove due on Tuesday, it seems like the new Entosis structure mechanics are going to see quite a bit of use, even prior to the full roll out.

Drone Regions

The NorthEast continues to be a powder keg between GemCo and their mercs against Vanguard and their de facto allies. Vanguard pilots fought off Nulli and Advent of Fate in three engagements. Here, Here, and Here. They have been slowly claiming SOV in the area for months now, and show no signs of slowing. Although they are unlikely to put a sizable dent in the more than 300 system rental empire of XDEATH. SOLAR FLEET still remains adamant in their quest to take systems from GemCo wherever they can.

PL even got in on the fun brawling with CO2 and RAZOR in Geminate:

Wicked Creek
PFR and TEST have begun a tenuous alliance with one another while fighting RED Alliance and DIP, with several fights happening and systems changing hands, the conflict seems to just be getting off the ground. in U-HVIX/F-QQ5N between TEST Caracals / Red Alliance/allies Ishtars and The Initiative and allies Thorax Fleet Battle Report. In GPLB-C between TESTIshtars and Diplomatic Immunity/Red Alliance Ishtars Battle Report, 3B lost by DIP/RA. PFR, TEST, and RA brawled in Scalding Pass, causing nearly 10B ISK in damage in the system of 4-CM8I.


The system of DR-427 was the site of a combined fight between Dirt Nap Squad and PL against GCLUB. During which two GCLUB supercaps were killed. The 60B ISK in losses shows that the specter of PL’s tendency to kill supers is ever-present across New Eden.


A major battle between Provibloc and NC./PL occurred in the system of G-5EN2. The battle was over a station shield timer in the system and saw a large amount of destruction. Ultimately, the fights across two systems saw nearly 30B ISK lost and the station being saved.


The fighting between HERO and Black Legion. over moons in the region continues. HERO has offereed only token resistance when it came to BL taking systems in the southern part of the region. Instead, the primary focus of fighting has been Dyspromium moons worth nearly 7B ISK per month in revenue for whoever holds them. Needless to say, BL has been employing it’s SP and ISK advantages. Even going so far as to moving capitals and supers with little escort through the systems they hold. Which now total 59.

HERO have been able to secure some minor victories against both BL and FCore, despite heavy losses.  One crushing defeat for HERO came in the hotly contested system of MN5N-x. A HERO op to take an R64 moon in the system resulted in sizable fleets on both sides showing up. BL at one point made the decision to bring in supers to clear the field of what HERO caps remained as the fight wound down. This resulted in ragepings being sent out by HERO FCs. Resulting in dozens more pilots piling into the system at a chance to save the HERO capitals and inflict some damage on BL. All told, more than 80B ISK was destroyed, with 52B of that being HERO ships.

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