How to be born in Connecticut in BitLife

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CandyWriter has a new weekly challenge in BitLife this week, and things are looking very dramatic. You need to complete certain steps to get the award, and one is to be born in Connecticut in BitLife. You often have to do things like this, and it can be irritatingly random to get the right rolls sometimes. BitLife is full of RNG like this, and it can be pretty annoying. You used to have to constantly remake a character until you were able to get your hands on the location you wanted. Not so mush so anymore.

This applies to any US state, or another province, but you need to do this for the Gilmore Girls challenge this week. Here’s what to do.

How to be born in Connecticut in BitLife

This is as simple as it gets. When making your character, just be sure to select their birth country. When choosing the United States, Pick Hartford Connecticut.

Just be sure to pay attention to any of the other requirements for any weekly challenges. Since this is the most common need for picking a specific birth place, make sure to do it right that first time.

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You can actually do this for any city in the game, provided you know where it’s located. If you don’t know your US cities too well, Hartford is a major city in the northeastern US state of Connecticut. Players in Bitlife can move to any major city in many countries. The developers have gone through the trouble of trying to find a major city to put in every country. Some larger or more historical countries have multiple cities. If you want to live somewhere specific, that’s how you do it in BItLife.

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