How to get rid of corpses in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

That big pile of rot is a problem. No, not the shambling one trying to eat your face. I’m talking about the 10 other ones you already took down. Having a bunch of corpses in Project Zomboid can cause a ton of issues. Having rotting carcasses all over your base is a huge eyesore. But it also has some gameplay downsides as well. Here’s a guide on how to get rid of them, because you’re going to need it.

By default, these corpses don’t decay very fast. The time scale in-game is short, so they wouldn’t have time to unless you change the settings. The corpses in Project Zomboid will often cause problems. They impact your character’s mood and can give you negative moodlets. It’s also possible that having too many around takes up space you need for other projects. Also, if the server is set up in certain ways, it can make you sick. If you turned on Corpse Harmfulness in the settings, you need to tidy up fast.

How to get rid of corpses in Project Zomboid

There are many different options that the player has for doing this dirty work. Players will have to do it as some point though, especially if there are too many bodies around. You could get a shovel and bury them, but that takes a lot of time. You have to have the tool, then dig the whole. But the last step of carting bodies around and burying them is really time-intensive.

Bury Bodies in Project Zomboid

Bury Bodies in Project Zomboid

Burning Bodies

The better option is just to burn them. On older builds prior to Build 41, you had to use mods to do this. The way the game handles it now requires a bit of prep time. Also, make sure to only do this in an area that won’t attract more hordes. The sound and light caused by fires can attract zombies.

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When you’re ready to begin, it’s best to start by gathering the materials to make a Campfire. You need to assemble a Campfire Kit using Three Planks and one unit of kindling. You can use Bandages, sheets or any other flammable item. if you don’t have Planks, Logs work too. Once you have assembled it, you’re ready to begin.

Now, pile the corpses around in an open area and set the campfire up in the middle. Once you have ignited the fire, the nearest corpses should catch first. Now just wait for the fire to spread. Always be sure to do this in an area away from flammable structures, it’s not a good thing to burn your camp down. Also, be sure to loot bodies before burning any of them. Zombie loot can be pretty useful.

How to Burn Corpses in Project Zomboid

How to Burn Corpses in Project Zomboid

It is possible to Add Fuel using the right-click menu on a placed campfire. You need that fuel to burn corpses. If you’re in a rush, you have one other option as well. You could also burn fuel to consume corpses. Place the corpses in a pile, and then equip a full Gas can. The options change on the right click menu to Burn Corpse.

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