How to relapse after battling an addiction in BitLife

How to complete the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife

Another week, another challenge in BitLife. The digital sim from CandyWriter has lot of new tasks to complete each week, giving out rewards for players that manage to get things done. This week, we’re getting kind of raunchy. The challenge this week taps into an exceedingly popular TV property, Euphoria. Euphoria is a very popular HBO series about life and growing up in the modern world. It’s filled with all kinds of intrigue and drama, and it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

This challenge has some very specific steps revolving around addiction. Players have to battle and even overcome their addiction. That’s a random event, and it will take time. There’s a lot of randomnesses here, but it shouldn’t be too hard. The hard part comes when you need to complete a later step and relapse in BitLife. Here’s what you need to do to get this done.

How to relapse in BitLife

There are various steps in the challenge this week. The development of addiction is a huge step. Players need to put time into both their relationships and the RNG systems to get the events they want. You can get any event that you want. While partying, you can be offered drinks and other illicit substances. The game has addictions for various things, so your character just has to get lucky and get one.

The type of addiction your character gets will vary depending on the activity you choose. You can go party via the Nightlife option in the Activities menu. You could also head to the Casino and gamble your money away until you get addicted. Either of these is pretty convincing for getting the event you need. After you have gotten the addiction event, you need to overcome it. Next, you need to send your character to rehab.

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Open the Activities tab, then scroll to the bottom and choose Rehab. You’ll have the chance to select to enter Alcoholics Anonymous, Hypnotherapy, or a Rehab Center. This will have to do with your addiction. If you’re into gambling, try the Rehab Center for the best results. Spend a few age ups in Rehab to get over the addiction. Once that happens, just return to the activity that got you addicted. This is why gambling is probably the easiest approach, as you don’t have to wait for the drink event to fire.

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