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Rising Lords, Medieval strategy game, announced

Rising Lords

Rising Lords is the latest upcoming game from developers Argonwood Studio. The German indie studio announced the turn-based strategy game that will come to PC via Steam in 2019. According to the Press Release, you will “Send your serfs to fight and die in your name… or let them prosper, and use them to your advantage!

The primary focus of this neat little indie title is all about the strategic choices of being a Medieval lord. You’ll have to manage building fortifications and cities, all while administering your miliary, food and supply production, and all the daily life decisions that will affect the lives of your serfs and citizens.

The game will be a singleplayer experience with lots of replayability due to the core gameplay loop. The basic idea is that a card-driven system allows players to customize every aspect of their domain, and the primary challenges comes from a randomized series of ever-changing events that pop up.

Rising Lords forces players to manage a growing number of variables like morale, production, environmental factors and a bunch of other stuff in order to succeed. The measure of that success is hinged upon how you deal with your enemies. Do you want to go on an all-out war against your neighbors, or due you want to use a more economic or diplomatic approach and create an alliance? The choice is up to you in this game.

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The game will also include a four-player mutliplayer mode as well.

Rising Lords comes out in 2019 for PC platforms via Steam. Check out the announcement trailer with snippets of gameplay down below.

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